Dawn wells, Mary Ann From ‘Gilligan’s Island, ‘dead at 82 from covid-19

Dawn wells

We all recognizes this face ‘dawn wells, she had played Mary Ann Summers on the campy, classic TV show ‘Gilligan’s Island,’ recently got died from COVID-19, ABC News confirmed. She had turned 82 and she was into many roles. 

Dawn wells was Motivational Speaker and actress

She is a motivational speaker, philanthropist and an actress; she went away in the peace on Wednesday morning. It is said that she passed away in no pain as a result of complications because of the covid19. About Dawn wells said to be as the wholesome, ‘girls next door’, castaway counterpart to Tina Louise’s Marilyn Monroe- clone movie star Ginger Grant on ‘Gilligan’s Island, ‘the show ran for consecutive three seasons from 1964 to 1967 on CBS. 

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Last cast was louise

Louise is one of the last surviving cast member from the beloved series. There are other stars like Bob Denver, Alan Hale Jr., Natalie Schafer, Jim Backus, Russell Johnson and narrator Charles Maxwell, they all have died. Wells, a former Miss Nevada was found on the stage and screen appearances even after her pageant days. She earned popularity from all over the places because of her work- which saw seven castaways stranded on the deserted island after a three- hour boat tour gone awry- that cemented her pop culture status. In fact, it is said one of her picture in gingham dress and famous belly button covering shorts worn on ‘Giligan’s Isalnd’s are currently shown in the lobby of The Hollywood Museum. 

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