Dean Unglert of Bachelor in Paradise thanks Caelynn Miller-Keyes for helping him after the injury


Dean Unglert is grateful to have returned for his girlfriend Caelynn Miller-Keyes at the end of Bachelor in Paradise & # 39; s Last summer season. The 24-year-old former princess has been a Unglert nurse since a ski accident in the Swiss Alps took him to the hospital during the holidays. In a curious Instagram post, Unglert thanked Miller-Keyes for "change (your) smelly socks, carry (your) luggage and keep it (entertaining)."

Unglert shared a selfie in a hospital bed on Instagram just before Christmas, revealing his dramatic ski accident that left him with a dislocated hip and a fractured femur. It was not long after Miller-Keyes was on a flight to Switzerland to be next to his man while he healed enough to fly back to the United States. The couple explored Europe by train until last weekend, when they were given medical permission to return home and begin the rehabilitation of Unglert. Both Miller-Keyes and Unglert have seemed in a good mood to share their playful stories on the social networks of "conjugal visits" in the hospital and silly discussions about whether Unglert was going to wear pants every day.

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The couple flew to the United States on Sunday to begin what Persons Reports is a 12 week recovery trip. Unglert, who has made a name for himself in his van, which is also his home, asked fans on social media activities to spend time while recovering. Unglert, who is generally active and enjoys hobbies such as rock climbing and hiking, mentioned that he might try to learn an instrument since he had never made it a priority in the past. Miller-Keyes certainly enjoys some downtime with her boyfriend, who is usually on the move. In his Instagram post, Unglert thanked him for "everything he has already done and for everything he has involuntarily still has to do."Miller-Keyes has been Unglert's primary caregiver, since Unglert's mother passed away as a child; he has been sincere about the fact that he is not close to his father.

Miller-Keyes and Unglert were an unlikely couple of the most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise. It was a return season for Unglert, who was previously criticized for attacking several women during their first round in the show. Unglert has been accused of being undecided and unable to commit, and left Bachelor in Paradise after interacting with Miller-Keyes, since he felt he was not ready for the relationship she wanted. Miller-Keyes seemed disconsolate for five seconds after Unglert's departure, and quickly moved forward with 24-year-old investment analyst Connor Saeli of the Hannah Brown season. Just when things began to get serious for Miller-Keyes and Saeli, Unglert returned to the beach claiming to have made a mistake, and asked Miller-Keyes to leave the program with him and see where things were taking them.

While no one, including Unglert, expected the couple to spend the final live, Miller-Keyes and Unglert have proven to be one of Bachelor in Paradise& # 39; s Featured couples so far. The couple has deviated from the blow Single I walk and have enjoyed traveling, living in the Unglert truck and apparently having fun together. Weeks before the accident, Unglert was quoted as saying they were being "super patient"with your relationship and"exploring each otherr "with"nothing really on the horizon"It will be interesting to see if the accident will force them both to make more serious decisions regarding their relationship.

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