Death in Indonesia in an earthquake

Indonesia is threatened today all over again with another natural disaster. Several death cases are discovered in an earthquake in Indonesia and presently the rescue team has reached the site. An earthquake took place on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi wherein at least seven people are reported to be killed and there are hundreds of people who have been injured by the incident. Almost more than 12 patients and staff are trapped in the rubble of a hospital which was damaged in the quake. The earthquake occurred on Friday at 6.2 magnitude and then there was another small earthquake too, followed by the same. 

Indonesia has a history of devastating tsunamis and earthquakes with more than 2000 people who were killed earlier in a 2018 Sulawesi quake. This tragic history seems to have overpowered all over again in the nation and the epicentre was just 6 kilometres or 3.73 miles away from the northeast of the Majene city at a depth of 10 kilometres. The people reported to have felt the tremors at 01:00 local time on Friday (17:00 Thursday GMT) and continued for almost 7 seconds at a stretch. There was no warning issued about the tsunami. It is expected that equations are on to predict the earthquake in a better way from now onwards. 

Several earthquakes have earlier been reported in the country and definitely people living in and around the country are expected to be under critical situations as they may come across such hazardous circumstances any time of the day. Thousands of people are running to their homes for a safe rescue. Whatever may it be, it is also reported that the country may feel aftershocks after the 2 main quakes and it is also said to trigger a tsunami. The earthquake has even caused a lot of destruction, wherein it has damaged several homes, 2 hotels, a mall and the governor’s office as well. 

As per the authorities, it was reported that 4 people have died in Majene and more than 600 people were injured in the incident. Also, three more people died in the neighbouring Mamuju. Indonesia is prone to earthquakes and there is nothing new about it. This is probably because it is located on the so-called Ring of Fire – a line of frequent quakes and volcanic eruptions on the Pacific rim.

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