Destiny 2 reload perks get nerfed, Bungie adds new ones


As Destiny 2In their debut in 2017, players have looked for the same two types of perks in their weapons: damage and reload. Bungie nerfed daks perks last year, and it will change recharge perks in just a few weeks. To compensate, the studio also announced some benefits for the old benefits, and said that new benefits will come in season 11.

The idea behind reloading perks is that players "reduce weapon downtime" in the heat of combat. The less time it recharges, the longer it fires at enemies. Bungie discussed exactly how the recharge perks work on this week's blog. Each weapon has a reload stat, and perks increase that stat to a limit of 100. But most reload perks also have a small multiplier, to increase speed even at the limit.

Bungie plans to adjust each of Destiny 2The advantages of recharging next season. Outlaw, which requires a single precision kill and is the most popular reload benefit, is now slightly slower than before. It won't be as effective on weapons that take time to reload.

Feeding Frenzy, the most powerful option, now requires multiple kills for super fast reloads, instead of just one, but it will still be faster than Outlaw after three kills.

Rapid Hit, which only requires headshots instead of precision kills, won't be as powerful as the others, but it should still feel remarkable after multiple headshots.

Drop Mag, which removes all bullets left in the magazine when reloading, is getting a very small nerf and is now as fast as Outlaw.

By eliminating the reload benefits, Bungie hopes to make other options viable as well. The study will improve dynamic roll reduction, pulse monitor, Hipfire grip, and stealth arc in several ways, to make them more desirable.

Season 11 will also have new exclusive perks for seasonal weapons, with plans to introduce them in future seasons. Two returning Iron Flag weapons will also roll with two new perks. Bungie has not released any information on these benefits other than the names of the iron banners: Iron Grip and Iron Gaze.

Next season, Bungie will also be polishing some low-use weapons. Slug shotguns take a strong 30% damage increase in PvE. Bows also take increased damage against minor enemies, and high-impact pulse rifles will do slightly more damage in PvP.

For the fall, Bungie plans to change the usability of some sniper rifles, as Revoker and Beloved account for 86% of sniper deaths in the Crucible. Various sub-families of hand cannons will also see changes, such as aggressive hand cannons. The studio is also taking a look at adaptive automatic rifles, with plans to snap them to other members of the automatic rifle family.

Finally, the study mentioned plans to make more regular changes in weapon balance. It is unclear if this is a direct result of the weapons extinction freeing up developer resources, or if it is simply a new Bungie initiative.

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