Devil may cry 5: Release date and the game-play

Devil May Cry 5

Devil may cry 5 is an upcoming action-adventure game, developed by Capcom, this long-running DMC game has always been about rapid, stylish action using the most unique weapons. Over the last 16 years, DMC has inspired a lot of brands to come up with fast-paced action with challenging battles. With every game of Devil may cry, their reputation has grown along with stakes and scope, not to mention the devil may cry 5th installment looks like an elaborate and detailed entry yet.

The tradition of Devil May Cry

DMC 5 looks to continue the tradition that they have followed ever since they have released Devil May Cry. Their tradition has always been following the stylish action game-play and it seems they are not going to miss that attribute in the upcoming game as well. The major story will have 3 characters (Dante, Nero and newcomer V) with whom we can explore the game by slashing and decimating the demons and the monster in the way.  It will run on the RE engine, the same framework powering Resident evil 7 and the Resident Evil 2 remake, the game will see detailed and richly realized visuals the franchise has ever seen. According to the developers, the DMC 5 will be the best of their franchise and will incorporate new features and innovations into the game-play.

So, what’s new in DMC 5?

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Though a lot of things are not unveiled about the game, we know some of it which are going to spill right here. The game mainly focuses on offering the same thrilling moments of action along with some twists.  In addition to the new weapons and a character we can also get to see the online co-op mode, Devil May Cry 5 will also feature a new training mode called void. This training can be pulled between the missions where you will be sucked into a place where you can experiment with the weapons that you have for the 3 characters.

Release date

The release date is set for the PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 8, 2019. The news of release date came after a lot of rumors emerged which were doing the rounds on the internet. Actually, Devil May Cry 5 made its debut during Microsoft’s E3 2018 press conference along with the trailer which gave a little insight on the game, however, we will not go into detail. So, to know how the game has been made we need to wait until this game is released.

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