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Die Hard has always been a favorite of mine, and Die Hard 6 is no exception. Die Hard 6 continues the story from Die Hard 5, which took place in Russia. This movie takes place in New York City and deals with cyber terrorism. The film stars Bruce Willis once again as John McClane who is trying to stop a terrorist attack on American soil by uncovering secrets about an evil plot that will kill millions of people if it goes through!

Is Die Hard 6 happening?

In October 2020, a short video appeared on the internet that made fans of Bruce Willis’ Die Hard movie excited. But to their disappointment, it was just the lead-in to a battery commercial. However, Die Hard 6, called simply McClane, has been in the planning stages since 2017.

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This movie will focus on both John when he is young and present John. It will also bring back his ex-wife Holly. Disney scrapped the project in 2019, but most recently Disney said it was developing McClane as a streaming series. But nothing has been said about this since then.

What is the release date of Die Hard 6?

With the status of Die Hard 6, or at least a McClane streaming series, currently in stasis, it seems unlikely another Die Hard project, whether it be for the big or small screen, will materialize before 2022. Action blockbusters take a long time. It takes even longer to do post-production. The Coronavirus pandemic doesn’t help things either.

What is the plot of Die Hard 6?

Die Hard 6 is planned to have present-day McClane and another person who is 20 years old. In that way, it would serve to compare and contrast the man John became to the man he started off as. Outside of that, nothing else about the plot is known, but one presumes lots of explosions will still be on the menu.

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Who will be starring in Die Hard 6?

When Die Hard 6 was discussed publicly, the only confirmed cast member set to return is Bruce Willis as the current John McClane. We do not know if Bonnie Bedelia will also come back to reprise her role. Mary Elizabeth Winstead also expressed interest in returning as John and Holly’s daughter Lucy.

What are fans expecting from Die Hard 6?

Die Hard fans are expecting Die Hard. Shooting along the same lines as Die Hard, Die Hard With A Vengeance and Live Free or Die Hard, this will be over-the-top action all set in New York City.

What has happened since Diehard?

John McClane is retired from being a cop for 20 years when he’s called back into service to help Cisco protect his daughter Lucy from cyber terrorists bent on taking control of America’s infrastructure and unleashing chaos across the nation. But it turns out that there might not only be one guy behind it all…or country..even world!

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What are the reviews on Die Hard?

The Die Hard movies have been well-received by critics, with a 75% “fresh” rating on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

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What is Diehard?

Die-hard is an action movie that has the protagonist taking on many roles and fighting through various obstacles in order to save lives. The first Die Hard was released June 22nd, 1988 and it’s about John McClane who takes on terrorists during Christmas time at Dulles Airport.

Who are some of the actors?

Bruce Willis: He plays John McClane in all five Die Hard films. In Live Free or Die Hard he also served as one of the film’s producers. Jill Latiano played Lucy Gennero-McClain (John’s daughter) in Die Hard and Die Hard with a Vengeance.

Bonnie Bedelia: She played Holly Gennero-McClain (John’s wife) in Die Hard, Die Harder, and Live Free or Die Hard.

William Atherton: He plays Richard Thornburg, the antagonist of Diehard who is holding hostages at Dulles Airport during Christmas time.

Where I can watch all installments of Due Hard?

You can watch Die Hard on Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime.

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