Digital Underground Gregory Jacobs died suddenly at the age of 57.

Newsdio Desk : Gregory Jacobs, the man who needs no introduction when it comes to enthralling the audience with his exemplary performance has breathed his last on Thursday. He was 57 and as a Digital Underground rapper-producer his performance was well appreciated as Shock G and Humpty Hump. It is true that music knows no boundaries and the perfect example can be that of Jacob who has fans cutting across geographical boundaries. The confirmation on the news of his death has come from his father. However, it is still unclear, regarding the actual reason of his death. 

Digital Underground’s Chopmaster J paid tribute to the legendry rapper by giving a sneak peak to the memories of how the band was started 34 years ago. The idea of starting a hip-hip band was to fulfill the dream of conquering the world by spreading love and affection as that can be done by enthralling the audience. His albums gathered love which was more than expected and rightly so, as was die-hard passionate about it. 

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Shock G- American Musician

Jacob was born on 25th August 1963 and has always listened to his heart as he started his dream move as a drummer. While soon after, he loved to what he was always passionate about, that is hip-hop. His love went on to flourish and that doesn’t matter for him if he has to be dropped out of high-school. Since, he formed a DJ crew where he started to make part-time living while performing around different areas right as a teen as he became an on-air DJ. 

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While honing his skills further, he strengthened his passion for music by using keyboard and piano. Likewise, he understood the importance of owning a professional degree and for this reason he studied music. 

It was in 1987, Jacob and Chopmaster J created a band which was none other than Digital Underground. There was no stopping since then as the duo signed to Tommy Boy where they have also taken the services of DJ Fuze, Money-B along with Shmoovy-Shmoov. 

Digital  Underground – Hip Hop group 

The group has witnessed various changes while Jacob was the centre of attraction and here’s the reason since he co-founded the collective. However it was in the year 2008 that he disbanded the group. He gained enough recognition and love from the masses for his role as Humpty Hump as the related dance namely “Humpty Dance” was the reflection of classic hip-hop even after three decades. 

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Jacob has also contributed in various TV along with movies. Quite a noteworthy example can be that of ‘Nothing But Trouble’. Even though he is no more, but his love for music will continue to be cherished by fans for generations to come.

Let’s pay tribute to the man who has lived each and every second of his life in celebrating music and now that he is no more, he left behind a legacy which will be celebrated by dear fans.

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