Discover the real life of Tom Brady’s wife and her successful modeling career

A fashion diva and still holds a glamour look at 40, it’s no one else than Tom Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen, who has been making history in the fashion industry. Born to Brazilian parents from horizontina, Brazil made a humble beginning in her life and career. Her mother stands as true inspiration to her modeling career. She was of just 14 years when her mother discovered her talent and that is quite inspiring. It was an incident which can’t be forgotten goes like; she was having meal at the McDonald’s and was signed there by a French modeling agency.

She moved to New York City in the year 1997 and became the popular among the fashion magazines and top designers

Career of Tom Brady’s wife :

When turned into acting in the year 2006 in the movie “The Devil wears Prada” this was her cameo on the O.C. as herself. In 2009, the Gisele got married to Tom Brady in a catholic ceremony in Santa Monica. Before that a separate and quite bigger arrangement was held in Costa Rica two months later. In the late 1990’s, Gisele Bundchen became the model in demand, she achieved her career gracefully becoming the cover model of Vogue and other fashion magazines that are globally appreciated. She also worked with leading designers like Dolce &Gabbana. It was Bundchen who made headlines in 2000 when she landed to sign an impressive $25 million contract with Victoria’s Secret which is a popular lingerie company. In the same year, Bundchen got the title of being the most beautiful girl in the world by “rolling stone magazine”. Later in 2004, Gisele became the highest paid model in the world as recorded in the Forbes magazine. She was into controversy for her relationships and that made her highlighted to the media. 

Personal life of Tom Brady’s wife :

She was in a relationship with actor Leonardo DiCaprio, bundchen who married professional football player Tom Brady in 2009. Later in the year, the couple got their first child together whom they named Benjamin Rein Brady. Bundchen also gave birth to their second child, daughter Vivian in 2012. 

Apart from modeling, Bundchen is also a supporter of numerous charities and causes. She got a collection of sandals and used some of them for sales for the Gisele bundchen forest in Brazil. It was in 2008 when she launched a water conservation and plant recovery effort called the Agua Limpa in her home state of Rio Grande do sul. Indeed she has served as the goodwill ambassador for the United Nations environment programme. 

Apart from modeling and movies, she also made her name in social work. She planted a lot of trees on behalf of the conservation process and that made her a great personality. 


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Bundchen 40 bears a history of panic attacks and has been actively discussing mental wellness on social media. She has panic attacks due to anxiety. The anxiety can feel all consuming and sometimes there is need of supportive push to help break us out vicious cycle of worry. She with all courage stood ahead and fought greatly. She made meditation tools her great support and won the game. Her favorite food is donuts and she is quite obsessive about it. Other than that, she loves crab and her favorite dessert is the Boston treat from dunkin’s “donuts”. Being quite health conscious she loves meditation, yoga and morning walks. This helps her rejuvenate her body and soul which also helped her overcome depression at times. She always stays conscious about her career which has made her so successful in not just modeling as well as singing. 

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