Do Business Landlines Still Matter Today?


The business landscape has evolved in many ways, with technology paving the way for various new platforms to do several functions. For instance, using computer systems to perform daily operations and store data or files is now the norm. Likewise, automation software for accounting, human resources management, and other similar processes have become the norm to streamline business functions. Indeed, the workplace has now moved towards digitization, with technology integrated into nearly every aspect of the operation.

Nowadays, online platforms are prevalent, allowing businesses to maintain effective customer service lines. While these are undeniably convenient, the fact remains that business landlines still matter today. Though it may seem like having a business phone is a thing of the past, the truth is that many people will still ring your phone, so not having a landline will translate to the potential loss of customers. If you are still unconvinced about it, here are the biggest reasons why you should still be getting a landline for your business.

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Technology May Fail

The reality is that technology may sometimes fail, causing you to experience Internet connectivity issues. When this happens, your communication lines will be blocked, and you will not be able to tend to possible customer queries. No matter how reliable your Internet may be, you can never truly predict when it may suddenly act up, so by having a landline ready; you can be sure that customers can still reach you through your phone.


Customers Prefer Calling on the Phone

Though virtually everything–from signing up to checking out to communicating–is done online today, this does not mean that all customers prefer this method. In fact, 60% of customers say that they prefer calling small businesses on the phone, making it important to have accurate contact information on your online listings. This number may be attributed to the idea that many customers are on the go, so while searching for local businesses online, they have a natural tendency to look for contact numbers to get more information immediately. 

In the same survey, the next most preferred form of contacting a company was said to be sending an email, but this answer only constituted 15% of total responses. The large gap in percentage illustrates the sense of urgency that most customers have. It may take time for you to respond to the emails, but with business landlines, they can simply dial your number and get their questions answered right away.


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Landlines Offer Human Interaction

Despite today’s digital age, people are still more inclined to systems that offer human connection and interaction. Nowadays, things like automation are common business practices implemented to offer quick responses to common queries. However, there are times when customers still prefer talking to a real person and knowing that their concern is being addressed immediately after they raise it.


Stay Connected Amidst Emergencies

One of the most significant reasons business owners keep landlines up until today is that they stay reliable, even amid emergencies. When your Internet connection fails, or there is a power outage due to a storm, landlines will continue to operate while your phone and other devices may run out of battery. At the end of the day, the traditional landline proves to be the most accessible and flexible.

Ultimately, the answer to whether a business landline still matters is a big yes! No matter how innovative and advanced technologies have become, nothing will replace the merits of the traditional phone. Even if you have online communication lines set up, there will always be room to add in landline to allow more customers to reach you whenever the need arises.

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