Do you need a Lenovo laptop? Rakuten's flash sale features huge discounts and hundreds of dollars in cash



We assume that most Cheapskate readers are no strangers to Rakuten, a large retail site that generally returns 1% with each purchase in the form of Super Rakuten points. These points work as cash, which you can redeem on your next purchase. Well, hold on, because right now (and only for two days) Rakuten is returning you 20% in Super Points on a small selection of Lenovo systems. Buy the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon for $ 1500, for example, and that's an easy $ 300 that you can apply to a set of headphones. Or half an iPhone.

To take advantage of these Rakuten offers, you must have a Rakuten account, which you can create for free. These are Lenovo offers that will return 20%. Just keep in mind that they won't last long: these offers disappear on February 17. You may have noticed that the Rakuten site currently says that these offers end on February 14, but the people of Rakuten have assured me that the offer really ends on February 17. Even so, they expect to sell some models quite quickly, so the actual end date can be debatable.

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is a favorite of CNET: it is the best ultraportable in its class that combines a premium design with extremely robust privacy and security features. This seventh-generation iteration of the X1 is also thinner and lighter with better performance. battery.

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Rakuten is offering a second iteration of the ThinkPad X1 Carbon, this one with a smaller SSD of 512 GB. Clearly, the 1TB version is cheaper and equipped identically, so my advice is not exactly a good option: choose the other one, unless the inventory runs out when you read this. However, if this 512 GB version is your only option, it is still a great offer and allows you to accumulate Super Points Rakuten more than enough to choose a set of Bose noise canceling headphones, for example.

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In a review of Yoga C930, Joshua Goldman of CNET wrote that it was one of the best two-in-one laptops available. We loved the subtle design that makes this laptop stand out from the competition, like the way 360-degree hinges serve a dual function as a laptop speaker system, and how the included pen is housed and load discreetly in the body of the C930. And at this time, you can save the equivalent of $ 580, between the discounted price and 20% Rakuten points.

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We haven't reviewed the C530, but this gaming desktop offers solid performance at a relatively low price. The cube shape and monochromatic red LED lighting are really striking, and have a handle for portability: you can transport this system to game parties with ease. This is a good option for a player with modest performance needs: the Nvidia GTX 1660 is not an innovative video card.

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