Doctor Who has lost almost a million viewers since the season 12 premiere


Despite a new twist in the history of the program that could exaggerate fans of the program for a long time, Doctor who viewers continue to fall with each episode of the last season.

Jodie Whittaker's second career as the Doctor has been critically acclaimed so far by bringing back one of her oldest enemies and developing the arc of the story of the "Eternal Child", but if the audience figures are An indication, Chris Chibnall Who is in serious trouble Last week, we reported that the first episode of season 12, "Spyfall," opened up to some of the worst figures in the show's history by attracting only 4.96 million viewers, a drop of two millions of the last episode, entitled "Resolution."

The plummet did not stop there and the second part of "Spyfall" managed to attract only 4.6 million viewers, a significant fall of 300K from the previous episode. Now, amid criticism directed at Chibnall's controversial decisions to change the continuity of the show, the third episode only managed to attract 4.19 million, losing a whopping 400K, which essentially places Whittaker's second season in one of the worst places in the 50 years of the program. history.

Things don't look particularly good for the science fiction series, and it seems that the BBC's commitment to make massive changes to the show's format has not been worth it. In any case, Chibnall does not seem to care what critics have to say about his work, despite the fact that the current average of the audience figures for his last season appears at% 33 below last season.

Previously there were rumors that both Chibnall and Whittaker were leaving Doctor who in 2019, but since then, we have learned that these reports were unfounded. Still, if the ratings continue to fall this way, the network might have to think of something before losing the program as it did in 1989.

Of course, Chibnall can still redeem his mandate using some known tropes of Doctor who to bring back the diehard fans. But one thing we do know for sure is that the last two seasons prove a politically charged show It just doesn't work for Whovians.


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