Don 3 – Brace Yourself! DON is Back Again

Don 3 trailer

Shahrukh Khan aka Don is coming back on the screen very soon.  Farhan Akhtar
has recently told media that the team has started working on Don 3, the next
installment of Don series.

Don series does not need an introduction. Produced by Farhan Khan, it is one
of the most hit action series of Bollywood. The earlier two parts were
blockbusters. The first movie of Don series came in 2006 starring Shahrukh
Khan and Priyanka Chopra, was a remake of Amitabh Bachchan’s movie Don
(1978). Don 2, the sequel of Don was released in 2011. Now the rumours have
been floating around the third instalment of Don series. The makers have
confirmed the news and there will be an official announcement soon.

Confirmation: Director Ritesh Sidhwani recently stated, “We are making Don
3. We have already got an idea. It will be officially announced very soon”.
As per the sources, many movies under Farhan Khan’s production have been
on hold because of Don 3. Farhan Akhtar (producer of Don series) has
postponed everything and he is not working on any project because he wants
to finish Don 3 first. The script has been finalized and the team is all set to start
rolling Don 3.

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Star-cast: Priyanka Chopra and Shahrukh were in the Lead roles in the
previous two movies of Don franchise.

SRK is reportedly agreed to star in Don 3. But it is not confirmed that Don’s
Jungli Billi Priyanka will be present in the movie or not. The first choice for the
lead female role in Don 3 is still Priyanka. But she is already preoccupied with
many Hollywood projects. So, she might not be a part of Don 3.

Not just Priyanka, the whole star-cast will be new in Don 3 which is not
finalised yet.

According to rumours, Deepika Padukone can replace Priyanka’s character.
Some people are predicting that Katrina Kaif might also be considered for this
role. In an interview, Katrina said, “Don is an amazing film. I pray that the film
is happening and I pray that it will be with me”.

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There is a recent rumour in the market that Farhan Akhtar will also be starring
in Don 3. It will be icing on the cake as Farhan has not been seen on the screen

Release Date: Farhan Akhtar has postponed all the projects under his
production house, keeping Don 3 as a priority. The shooting will be started
soon once Shahrukh is done with the shooting of his upcoming movie, Zero.
Don 3 is expected to be released in late 2019 or early 2020.

Conclusion: Shahrukh Khan is best known for his romantic movies. Don is a
series where his fans get to see his action avatar for a change which is equally
loved and appreciated.

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In the next few months, Shahrukh is coming up on the screen with back to back
movies out of which Don 3 is the much-awaited one.

For now, his next movie is zero which will be on the floors this December
where Shahrukh is playing the character of a vertically challenged man.

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