Don’t Worry, Darling: Movie Release date, Cast And Storyline

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Don’t Worry; Darling is a movie starring Academy Award winner Brie Larson and Academy Award nominee Toni Collette. The plot of the movie centres around two sisters who don’t talk to each other until their father’s funeral brings them together. One sister has been living in New York, and the other lives in London, so they don’t really know much about each other. They embark on a road trip where they try to find out more about themselves as well as one another while also dealing with some personal issues along the way.

Release date:

In 2021.

Cast and characters:

-Brie Larson as Annie: an artist living in New York

-Toni Collette as Lou: a struggling writer who lives in London. She’s also the sister of Annie.

-Sebastian Stan as Tim: an Englishman and friend to both sisters who goes on the road trip with them. He is married but has been having some problems at home, so this trip is a way to escape from it all.

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-Iain De Caestecker as Adam: Annie’s boyfriend who lives in New York and whom she neglects when she travels.

-Zoe Kazan as Sloane: Lou’s best friend/roommate, who encourages her to take the road trip with Tim.

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-David Dencik as Mark: Lou’s ex, who is now married. He becomes a love interest for Annie during the course of the film.

-Nick Offerman as Bobby: A man Lou meets in a bar and who becomes her love interest after she goes on the road trip with him. He is a carpenter from Los Angeles.

-Kaitlyn Bernard is Caitlin, Annie’s daughter.

-Linda Emond as Helen, Tim’s wife.

Plot details:

The film takes place in a small town where Annie is living with her daughter, Caitlin. She neglects the child and goes on a road trip to California with Tim, who she met at work earlier that week. Along the way, they meet Sloane, Lou’s best friend/roommate, who encourages her to go with Tim to California.

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The film follows Annie as she escapes from the life that she has made for herself in a small town. She meets Tim along the way, and they go on a journey together with Sloane, who is an old friend of Lou’s. Along their trip, they meet new people and have adventures before returning to where it all began.

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