Dos and Don’ts When Buying Parts for Race Motors

Cars became a big sensational hit when the first automobile was invented in Germany around 200 years ago. The first car race in history was held on June 13, 1895. Since then, a lot of interest has been generated in car racing. Lots of enthusiasts today hail from all parts of the world and scour the market for the latest race motors.

Finding the Right Parts for Race Motors

Today, building your own race car is made easier than it was about a century ago. You can find petrolheads or motorheads in every country. thinking to build or renovate your car to make it even more track-worthy? 

Well, if you have a race car or maybe you’re still building one, you must know how to get the right parts to give your vehicle a huge boost. Sometimes, as you drive along, you may encounter occasional car trouble, which will require you to get new parts.

Either way, you will need to learn how to get the right parts for your race motors. The following tips might be a big help.

Tip #1–Check Your Supplier

The good news is that there are plenty of race car part suppliers on the internet. Note that some are only resellers—they charge a higher price for the same part. Find the actual supplier to save money.

You should also check the expert reviews of different sellers. Sometimes the best reviews come from people you know. Find other car enthusiasts and ask them where they buy their parts from. Consult your mechanic and ask for his recommendations.

The goal is to find at least three to five trusted sellers and see if they have the necessary parts. Finally, you should make a price comparison..

Tip #2–Go Local

Car parts are expensive—no doubt about it. If you want to cut back on the cost, you should buy from a local supplier. Big franchises are good, but the overhead costs of shipping from across the continent may not be that appealing.

Tip #3–Check With Your Mechanic Before You Buy

Before you buy a race car part and install it, show it to your mechanic to make sure you have the right part. Before you buy it, take a picture, get the serial number, and verify all the details with your mechanic. 

Show the item to him again the day it gets delivered before you install it in your car. That way, you know you’re getting the right parts for your race car.

Tip #4–Refunds, Return Policies, and Warranties

Ensure to read the fine print before paying for the car parts. Different sellers have different warranties, guarantees, and return policies. Ensure you know how to return the part if it is defective or sent you the wrong part. Check whether you can get a refund. Big hint: buy from the seller that can guarantee a refund.

Tip #5–Brand New or Second Hand?

Some race car parts that are sold online can be brand new, while others are second-hand. Which one is better for your build? The short and easy answer is: check with your mechanic.

Tip #6–Spotting Fakes

You don’t want to mess up your race car, right? Read this—there are fake car parts everywhere. The first things to check are the VIN and the part numbers. That information comes from the manufacturers themselves. If you’re unsure about a certain part, again, the short and easy answer is to check with a trusted mechanic.


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Building and maintaining a race car will be a significant investment. Always check with a trusted expert before buying any parts for your beloved metal beast on wheels.

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