Dr. Ahmad Khawaja and His Multi-Billion Dollar Company featured in World Financial Review

Dr. Ahmad Khawaja and His Multi-Billion Dollar Company featured in World Financial Review
Dr. Ahmad Khawaja and His Multi-Billion Dollar Company featured in World Financial Review

Allied Wallet has earned quite a good amount of fame in the digital payments’ industry. The best thing about this Allied Wallet is that this multi-billion-dollar company is the result of the constant efforts of the CEO, Dr Ahmad Khawaja. Recently, Allied Wallet along with its CEO, Dr Ahmad Khawaja was featured in the World Financial Review. The July-August 2017 issue of the publish features this world renowned founder and CEO, Dr Ahmad Khawaja in the cover thereby tagging both of them as “Limitless Vision, Infinite Possibilities.” Dr Khawaja has been a popular face in the FinTech world and thus, he has got a record of featuring dozens of magazine covers and television interviews across the world. He further says that his contributions to the e-commerce industry is yet to see more such innovations in the upcoming years. 

Dr Ahmad Khawaja has a power of vision and courage

Dr Ahmad Khawaja is one of the youngest CEOs and entrepreneurs. He went on adding onto it saying that his power of vision, courage and integrity has helped him to get through this journey. He says that he had met with a lot of obstacles along the way, but nothing could pull him down. He added to it saying that he has always wanted to have an independent career and thus, he wanted to come up with an idea that would ensure the uniqueness as well as resolve the existing gap of the public. While he was working in the retail industry, he could realize that one of the major troubles that most business owners and customers had to face alike is regarding the exchange of goods and services against payments. Thus, he came up with a secure mode of payment that could help in exchanging money internationally. 

Dr Ahmad Khawaja reveals the outlook of the company

Allied Wallet has now become a brand. Undoubtedly, it offers one of the safest and most secure platforms to the customers and merchants when it comes to exchanging money. Besides, the incorporation of AI technology ensures faster transactions which have become the talk of the town. Whatsoever, Dr Ahmad Khawaja reveals that he would like to thank his team that has helped him raise this company. Not just this, he also says that the team is constantly making updates to the online payment processing system to assure security concerns to its clients. Nevertheless, the CEO says that Allied Wallet has got a long way to go! Also, the company had to face a lot of hurdles, but it has given a fight back to all the obstacles, and still managed to reach up to the position where it belongs to! He says that the company has got a lot of plans that will definitely make the customers happy in the coming years, and thus, it will have a lot more in store for the coming decade as well. 

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