Dr. Ahmad Khawaja of Allied Wallet Featured in an Advice Column Contributor for the Forbes

Dr. Ahmad Khawaja of Allied Wallet Featured in an Advice Column Contributor for the Forbes
Dr. Ahmad Khawaja of Allied Wallet Featured in an Advice Column Contributor for the Forbes

The CEO, Dr Ahmad Khawaja of Allied Wallet has been doing really well in the digital payments’ industry. His contributions to the industry had helped the company grow over the years. Allied Wallet is regarded as a globally leading provider of online payment processing offering various payment solutions, and it has been operational in 196 countries all over the world. The CEO was recently featured in the spotlight interview with Forbes as a contributor and Forbes Finance Council member very recently. Allied Wallet had been a good firm with a proper workplace culture along with all the amenities that an employee would crave for! Not just this, it takes care of the society that it thrives in, and the organization makes great contributions to the society by participating in various charitable activities.

Dr Ahmad Khawaja became a part of the Forbes Finance Council

Ahmad Khawaja is the founder of multi billion-dollar company Allied Wallet. He is too often seen to be motivating the youth, particularly the individuals who aspire to build an empire of their own. Ahmad Khawaja was selected as a part of the Forbes Finance Council to bring a wealth of experience, success, and knowledge to the group and its readership. Ahmad Khawaja is very realistic, and he says that if you struggle today, you will surely be able to reap its fruits years later. No doubt, he is a world-renowned entrepreneur and has got a record of being featured in over 100 publications around the world for his contributions to technology, society, and economic growth. It is all about his efforts that had helped the organization, Allied Wallet to create a benchmark for all. Dr. Khawaja has already contributed one article to the Forbes that was entitled as the, “Three Ways to Boost Your Organization’s Philanthropic Efforts,” and more recently was featured in a spotlight interview. The interview took a look at Dr. Ahmad Khawaja’s success – what he attributes it to and how he stays motivated. He says that success won’t come to us in a day but if we keep on working hard, it is sure to reach us soon!

Allied Wallet’s CEO Ahmad Khawaja inspiring other business owners to contribute to the society

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Allied Wallet says that it is important to do something for the others too! Being such a big contributor and supporter of charitable causes, Dr Ahmad Khawaja wrote this article to advise other business owners on how they can make a charitable difference with their companies. He has also placed a request to them to think of widening the positive impact of their businesses by supporting those who are in need. Dr. Ahmad Khawaja talks about the plans that he has got to continue contributing as a writer for Forbes to help spread the wealth of knowledge and perpetuate success amongst his peers and the Forbes readership while enabling entrepreneurial success with his global payments company, Allied Wallet.

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