Dr. Ahmad Khawaja of Allied Wallet tagged as the WWBR’s CEO of the Year

Dr. Ahmad Khawaja of Allied Wallet tagged as the WWBR’s CEO of the Year
Dr. Ahmad Khawaja of Allied Wallet tagged as the WWBR’s CEO of the Year

Dr. Ahmad Khawaja, the CEO of Allied Wallet has always been an inspiration to the youngsters. He happens to be an award-winning provider of global payment services including that of online payment processing, mobile, and prepaid card services. He was recently featured as the CEO of the Year on the cover of Worldwide Business Review. Allied Wallet has witnessed a multi-billion-dollar success over the past few years and since then, it continues to grow. It is all under his guidance and leadership of its fearlessly innovative CEO, Dr. Ahmad Khawaja. This man is indeed a mastermind and he is recently featured on the cover of Worldwide Business Review in an article that was entitled as, “The Man Behind the Virtual World.” Dr. Khawaja’s hands-on approach has finally enabled him to avail powerful insights into how to provide all sorts of amenities to his team, his customers, and even the customers of his merchants who happen to be his ‘clients of clients.’

Allied Wallet: Comfortability at work place

Dr. Khawaja said, “… I decided to work with my staff to ensure that they feel comfortable with me and that I am one of them.” Allied Wallet has ranked as one of the best companies to work for in the world. Dr. Khawaja takes pride in himself for providing a positive work environment. It is becoming essential to him that he provides the best solution to his customers and consumers all across the world. He went on saying that one can expect the best outputs from a team only if the team members have coordination among themselves. He further mentions that it is crucial to ensure that all the team members are having a positive approach towards their work and they have been working without any grudges against each other. 

Dr Ahmad Khawaja: The best thing about being a CEO

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When asked about the best thing about being a CEO, Dr Khawaja told the WWBR that it is about seeing things done correctly. He went on adding onto it saying that it is all about ensuring that [we] are achieving goals and also the fact that our merchants are doing the same. The merchants should have no issue regarding the reliability of services. He said that he always looks for something that he can provide so that he feels proud of himself, the company, and his team. He even said that being a CEO is not an easy task as he has got a lot of responsibilities alongside. 

He says that today, Allied Wallet is regarded as a top-notch payment service company only because of its hard work and dedication. Its accomplishments over the years have finally helped him to reach such a huge success. It is all because of the constant support of his team that his organization could do so well, and he could achieve the recognition of a top CEO in the world.  

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