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Dr Ahmad Khawaja, the CEO of Allied Wallet is recently been featured in a lot of magazines and publications wherein he seems to be sharing his journey to the viewers and readers so that they can get some kind of inspiration from his story and work upon building their own empire some day. Dr Ahmad Khawaja is definitely a mastermind and it is all due to his strong leadership and the constant effort of this team that Allied Wallet has been entitled as one of the market leaders in the digital payments industry. Today, the organisation has been operational across 196 countries over the globe. Also, we see the company and its CEO receiving a lot of recognitions and rewards recently. Whatsoever, today we are going to highlight all that the CEO, Dr Ahmad Khawaja had shared in one of his recent interviews wherein you will be able to get a good glimpse of his life and journey. 

Interviewer: How did you come across the idea of building up Allied Wallet?

Dr Ahmad Khawaja: To this question, Dr Khawaja reply that he had actually started this company almost 10 years back with the motivation to get businesses all across the world. He grabbed this opportunity to take up this organisation in a global level and realised that there has been a necessity for secure ways of processing international transactions. Further, he has seen that no one else was actually doing it at that point of time. That’s when he decided to take an advantage of finding out the gap and thus, work upon it. He said that his only advice to the young entrepreneurs is that they should also try to see to the existing gap and once they get to know about it, they should start working ahead to make things turn into reality. 

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Interviewer: Take us through the journey of Allied Wallet

Ahmad Khawaja: Dr Ahmad mentioned that as the users go on coming up with their requirements to Allied Wallet, they were asked to fill out an application right on the website of Allied Wallet and the organization has got its underwriting team whose sole jon was to review the documents and thus, send an approval email to them. This email comprised of a code that was meant to assure them that they can consider checking out the website with utmost security. The merchants are needed to complete the entire process in order to access their live. However, this whole thing would just take a span of around a half day.

Bottom line:

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Certainly, Allied Wallet has been a brand that we see today, but it wasn’t the same years back. However, we got to know a wonderful thing from this mastermind, Dr Ahmad Khawaja that all you need is to keep your focus intact and you can definitely make great things happen to you.

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