Dr Andy Khawaja, Allied Wallet and Founder Recognized as ‘Fastest Growing Payment Solution Provider’

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Allied Wallet that stands to be a leading provider of online payment processing offers various payment solutions in 196 countries across the globe. The company’s Founder and CEO – Dr. Andy Khawaja – are featured on the cover of APAC Business Headlines and he has been recognized as one of the “10 Fastest Growing Payment Solution Providers.” APAC Business Headlines is basically an Asian-Pacific publication which used to be known for offering breaking news on technology related updates. APAC Business Headlines has been aspiring to grow up with top rated companies, and building a connection with new channels thereby giving a vent to innovative ideas and broader channels for technological adoption. Dr. Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet issues the publish on the cover promoting its feature article, “Meet the Future of The Payment.”

Highlights on product or service offerings

Dr Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet talked about the highlights of his company, thus, mentioning about the products and the services that the company deals in, all throughout his interview session. He said that Allied Wallet is recognized as the NextGen Payment Gateway. The company is known for its state-of-the-art fraud protection technological advances along with its ability to eliminate 100% fraud, thus, offering a never-before seen variation of security in the e-commerce industry. APAC brings it’s entire focus back to the core values of Allied Wallet along with its cutting edge technology, all of which are solely dedicated to upgrade the satisfaction of the customers.

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Dr Andy Khawaja further stated that his company still focuses on ensuring the happiness of its customers, as lauded by publications such as Inc. 500, Fortune, and the Guardian.This trait certainly makes the Allied Wallet to innovate, and thus, stand as one of the leading payment solutions around the world.

Dr Andy Khawaja talks of his pride in the performance of Allied Wallet

Dr. Andy Khawaja says that he feels extremely proud to see Allied Wallet receiving an award and thus, he would love more such awards to come along the upcoming days. He says that Allied Wallet ha been leading the industry so far with new and alternative methods of payment, and thus, would love to see new partnerships coming up to create a better connection among people, all together thriving in the global community. He says that Allied Wallet would make sure that the merchants and vendors don’t have any issue in making even an unlimited number of transactions.

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