Dr Andy Khawaja, Allied Wallet CEO Featured in Financial Times

Dr Andy Khawaja, Allied Wallet CEO Featured in Financial Times
Dr Andy Khawaja, Allied Wallet CEO Featured in Financial Times

When we talk about the global FinTech companies across the world, Allied Wallet is undeniably one of the best firms in this category. It is well known for offering various payment solutions in 196 countries. The company got its recent feature in an article in Financial Times’ FTWeekend wherein itself titled as the, “Africa’s New Wallet.” Allied Wallet and its CEO – Dr. Andy Khawaja, both are recognized and celebrated for their dedicated efforts that they did commit in order to provide new opportunity and payment functionalities to be made available in Africa.

Allied Wallet Africa entering the African market

Dr Andy Khawaja mentions that he has been looking forward to invest in the human capital of youth so as to create more and more job opportunities, thereby helping the massive 15-22 year old market to become self sufficient and self supporting. Allied Wallet Africa is now entering into the African market and this all started in Angola. It will soon enter The Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda along with Hisham Itani, Bilal Joueidi, N’Gunu Tiny, and Aimable Mpore.

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Hisham Itani told Financial Times that his partnership with this online payment giant, Allied Wallet is bound to fuel the local economies by empowering the local citizens with more accessible, reliable and convenient banking solutions. N’gunu Tiny added onto this saying that the continent still lacks the basic structure and thus, a lot of investors might not find it attractive enough. This, thus, becomes the biggest challenge as it is indeed very difficult to alter the mindset of the investors and convince them towards investing in this continent. Africa is shaped with the perception of being solely exploited for its raw material and is thus, titled as the headline country risk assessment. Furthermore, the investment communith divorces itself from the mentality of Africa being a single continent.

Allied Wallet’s intersection with the youth

The article talks about the unique requirements of the African continent and how Allied Wallet focuses on fulfilling the needs of the people out there. One such approach is made through Allied Wallet Africa. Dr Andy Khawaja said that his visions to intersect with Africa is inclined towards supporting the youth out there in this era of digitalization. The main intention in supporting the youth is because he believes that they are the ones to drive a country’s overall economic growth.

Allied Wallet Africa along with its team focuses on implying strong strategic efforts so as to strive forward and bring more new opportunities and widespread success to Africa.

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