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Now for something completely different and captivatingly fun. Sure to be the premiere star, Tonya Kay has released her inventive new short The Ascension of Ava Delaine on Amazon Prime. The entire movie is just one shot of Drone, and you just can't take your eyes off it. We have a first look at the trailer.

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Actress Tonya Kay is primarily known in the horror world. She has starred in classics as underground as D-Railed, Dark space, "Horror Haiku" Y Evil Bong 777. Now she brings us something completely different with Ava Delaine's ascension. I shoot entirely in drone. In one shot. With only one actress. Covering five vertical locations. The Ascension of Ava Delaine is a pioneering film technique by director and horror icon Tonya Kay and is now available on Amazon Prime through Hewes Pictures.

This 5:07 minute experimental short film has been dubbed "Ridiculously Hard One Shot Shot by Drone" by tech magazine SolidSmack. Ava Delaine's ascension It also received the Best Mobile Film honor at the AT&T SHAPE Film Awards, a conference exploring the convergence of technology and entertainment. Principal Tonya Kay accepted the award which included mentoring with Cathy Yan (principal; Birds of prey), a grand ceremony at Warner Bros Studios and a generous cash prize.

Director Tonya Kay, who has also been cited as one of StudioDaily's Exceptional Women Directors and 30 Festigious Female Directors, and whose work includes directing the television segment for Ripley's believe it or not! (The CW), also an executive producer and starred in the film. Kay says this.

"Everyone has seen individual shots taken horizontally, even on a drone. I wanted to challenge technology and give viewers something they never really saw before: a unique shot based on a story that travels vertically, voyeuristically meeting our actress in a new floor, in a new wardrobe, in a new decade of his life, with new emotions in real time. "

Being the actress in charge of four quick changes as she climbs the stairs during the single shot, Kay says, "What you see from the front of the drone is the movie. What was happening behind those walls was a whirlwind of boisterous nudity and focused determination " The story of Ava Delaine's ascension, written by Shaula Evans, is a female empowerment fantasy, which shows nonverbally a woman who becomes more confident, more sexual, and more valuable as she ages. A story that traditionally is not told in the main media.

Producing company Danger Arts thought it vital for women to tell this story of female empowerment and that The Ascension of Ava Delaine team was 80% female, including virtuous director of photography and drone operator Andria Chamberlin, the sound designer Jaime Billings, storyboard artist Leslie Abney, 1st. AD SaraAnne Fahey, stage designer Monica Kay and property teacher Rachel Bartlett. They were also joined by various teams, including co-executive producer Dennis Ho, Teddy Yonenaka, and Michael Kofsky. Postproduction of Digital Jungle.

Ava Delaine's ascension Now available through SVOD on Independent Shorts Awards TV, Opprime, and Amazon Prime. The trailer first debuted on Tonya Kay's official Facebook.

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