Drop in the shares of Zoom post Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine announcement

Drop in the shares of Zoom

There has been a significant drop in the daily users of Zoom, which is the video conferencing app. The drop comes in the wake of an announcement from Pfizer’s after it has told that Covid19 related vaccine has proved to be 90 percent effective. Yes, the vaccine is built to put a stiff resistance against the virus by a whopping 90 percent.

The history of Zoom has been quite a noteworthy one where the month of April has witnessed a significant surge in the number of visitors. Right from 10 million users on a daily basis, the data has risen to an alarmingly high to 200 million daily users’ right in the month of March.

The shares of Zoom registered a significant fall by 15 percent. The fall in shares prices is attributed to mostly how the safe vaccine can build a strong immunity and also will significantly lead to a relaxation in lockdown. Thus, it will pave the way for more offline meetings as well as office meetings which were not practically possible up till now. So, right from virtual meetings, it will pave the way for more in-house meetings and will create a scenario for normal surroundings. 

Regarding Vaccine announcement

Pharma giant Pfizer which has developed the vaccine is upbeat about the expected positive results which are showing in the clinical trials. Also, Pfizer will be taking permission from US authorities to use this vaccine for emergency purposes as well. 

As the news of trial hit the market, Pfizer’s share hit high at 14.2 percent. The common masses are quite happy with the news and one only hope for the positive outcome in near future as well.
Atleast, the news is going to create happy moments for everyone to feel blessed and happy. 

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