Dwyane Wade’s former home in Matteson sells for $269,000

Recently there has been a huge buzz among all about the sale of the Matteson house, and today we are here to address all of it! Dwayne Wade’s former home in Matteson by the ex-NBA player Tim Hardaway. The house was basically a 4 bedroom apartment in the south Suburban Matteson that was owned by Dwayne Bade, the basketball player was sold on 31st July for 269,000 dollars. It was a 4 bedroom with 2280 sq ft house in the south Suburban Matteson. It has got an unusual distinction of having been sold on 2 occasions in the last 6 months by 2 now+retired and separate and Chicago born NBA stars, namely Tim Hardaway and Dwayne Wade. Wade was the longer owner of the home which is in the trinity creeks neighborhood of Matteson. He had paid 390,000 dollars for the same in the year 2006 and then Siohvaughn, his then-wife had declared that Wade was awarded with the house in the year 2014 after the couple got divorced and separated from one another. 

The primary residence of Wade has been a 6 bedroom wherein they availed a 12,520 sq foot mansion in Miami. He had purchased it in the year 2010 for 10.65 million dollars. He has previously owned a 4 bedroom town home previously in the River West that he had bought back during 2008 at a cost of 1.43 million dollars. He further wood it at 1.66 million dollars in the year 2013. He had even rented an 11,000 sq foot Gold Coast mansion during his brief tenurity with that of the Bulls. It occurred during the 2016-17 season. He had formerly owned a 7800 sq foot mansion in South Holland before the deed was done and that deed was aligned before he gave a divorce to his wife. He further sold that mansion for 300,000 dollars in the year 2016 and he even destroyed it in a fire during the last year. 

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Wade had sold the Matteson house at 235,000 dollars and the buyer was none other than an Illinois limited liability company. The latter achieved it in the month of March whose owner has been living in Hardaway. Hardaway has a life that is pretty similar to that of Wade. The former has also been a Chicago native and was consequently, a prep basketball star. He had gone to great success in the NBA. Hardaway didn’t have the Matteson house at any place which was near as long as what Wade has done. Hardaway had sold it on 31st of July for 269,000 dollars as per the public records. Hardaway had installed a few upgrades in the house which include installing Black stainless steel appliances in the kitchen room. 

The Matteson house upgradation addressed

The Matteson house is truly alluring the two storey house basically comprised of a family room and three baths along with the presence of a vaulted ceiling as well as a wet bar. It even had a master suite with a double door entry, a tray ceiling, a master bath, a balcony and a large whirlpool tub with separate sinks. 

The most recent listing agent of the Matteson house was Roy Novak and he had told Elite Street about him being unaware about Hardaway and how he has been the backbone for the limited liability company which had sold out the home on the last day of July. Nevertheless, he had declined to make any kind of comment on the sale. 

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