Dynamic Learning Solution, Teach to One: Math, Selected for the Math Innovation Zone Grant Program

Meet the innovative solution redefining the classroom and transforming the educational approach for 5.4 million students across the state. 

When math students enter the classroom environment, they each come with their own skills, knowledge, and background. It should come as no surprise that a blanket approach to learning doesn’t always meet the requirements of these children and enable them to learn effectively. Fortunately enough, there is another option out there. 

That’s where Teach to One: Math comes into play. The New Classrooms Innovation Partners’ awe-inspiring learning approach is set to completely change the way math teachers and students interact and the learning process. With that in mind, the approach has now been selected by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to support the state’s Math Innovation Zone (MIZ) initiative and transform instructional practices. 

“We are excited to bring tailored acceleration to schools and districts that share our belief about how students can learn best,” said Chris Rush, Chief Program Officer for New Classroom Partners. “We are thrilled to partner with the state of Texas in this important endeavor.”

The MIZ is a first-of-its-kind statewide solution. The aim to create space for innovative schools to meet the unique set of needs for math students. This state policy will remove any barriers to innovation, allowing students to embark on a new journey of learning and finding knowledge. The initiative has been a central recommendation within reports on The Iceberg Problem, a recent paper by New Classrooms. . Put simply, it will drive learning forward and overcome unfinished education. 

The Iceberg Problem (and How to Solve it!)

To better understand the modern-day challenges of math education, we need to look at The Iceberg Problem. This  report identified a lack of understanding on many students’ parts when it comes to math. The truth of the matter is many students arrive at middle school with unfinished learning. 

Math is a cumulative subject and you should think of it like building blocks. When you start building a wall, you need to put down the first layer of blocks before you can build upon them. If you rush ahead and build the second layer, without finishing the first, you will find that the wall is weak. A small gust of wind is enough to knock it over. Learning math is similar. 

When math students have gaps in their knowledge from prior years, it’s harder for them to succeed and move forward. As they move through the learning process, these gaps become wider and wider. So, when they reach a certain class in middle school, they may find they are far behind and struggle to keep up with the lessons. To make matters worse, government policies mean teachers focus solely on grade-level material. 

If a math student has missed things from previous classes, the teacher can’t go back and cover the topic again because instructional time is limited in the classroom. The further into the educational system a student gets, the more gaps they may have in their learning.

Traditional learning models are not always effective for students, so it will take an entirely new solution to change the way children interact with math. That is what Teach to One: Math is offering, a solution helping students to fill in the gaps through a blended learning approach. 

High-Quality Blended Learning Approach 

The tailored acceleration approach means students in a math class can learn different things at different times. Teach to One: Math offers a blended learning approach, which means math students use a variety of mediums to learn new skills and acquire knowledge. 

This personalized, adaptive curriculum undergoes a comprehensive review to ensure every student is taught to the highest of standards. New Classroom’s team of experts have curated and reviewed more than 80,000 lessons and chosen 9,000 of the best for the solution. 

With the news that Teach to One: Math was selected as part of the Math Innovation Zone, a new horizon has dawned. Since many schools were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students across the state will require additional support. The move means New Classrooms can accelerate the learning of countless math students and gain remarkable results.

About Teach to One: Math

Founded in 2011, New Classrooms Innovation Partners is a national nonprofit with a mission to personalize education by redefining the classroom. The powerful educational solution transforms the use of technology, time management, and physical space to ensure students are highly engaged and excel within the classroom. 

Teach To One: Math is an innovative learning model for middle school mathematics. Their dynamic solution coordinates daily assessments and offers face-to-face instruction to create an individualized, student-focused learning experience.

The transformative approach offers blended learning to middle school students, allowing them to effectively excel in their math studies. Since students come to learn with different life experiences and knowledge bases, this solution tackles the challenges they may face. Engaging students on a multitude of levels while offering a dynamic take on learning means that this approach yields powerful results for every type of math student.  

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