Easy Way To Find Your CIF Number In State Bank Of India?

Easy Way To Find Your CIF Number In State Bank Of India?
Easy Way To Find Your CIF Number In State Bank Of India?

State bank of India is the largest bank in India with one-fourth of the total loan market and market shares of about 23%. The state bank of India is directly under the control of the government of India. It was founded with the formation of the Imperial Bank of India over which the government took its control in the year 1955. It is best known for the services it provides to its customer. SBI is also best known for its online banking feature. SBI Net banking is secure and efficient. It also Provides CIF Number to all its users.

The CIF Number is a unique identity given to a customer by the bank. CIF stands for Customer Information File. It is an 11 digit number, given by the state bank of India to its user through which detailed information about that user can be gathered easily. Also if a person holds more than one account in the State Bank of India, he will be linked with a single CIF number. These factors help the bank in increasing the TRV (Total relationship value) of a customer. Bank makes use of this TRV for deciding minimum account balance for that customer to maintain and also it fixes credit limit for that customer.

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Significance of CIF

The CIF holds the important banking information, in digital format, in the account of the account holder associated with it. A unique number is assigned to each and every file that is available for every bank customer. This CIF Number is used by the bank for getting access to the information of a customer. The information that can be retrieved using CIF number, includes customer details, account types, transaction history, loan details, account balance, etc.

Methods of getting CIF Number

An SBI Customer can get their CIF Number details. There is a various method available for finding a CIF Number in SBI. The methods are divided into two different sections, namely, offline and online methods. You will know about both the ways here.

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  1. Offline Methods of finding CIF Number
  2. You can easily find on the very first page of the checkbook.
  3. CIF Number for a customer of SBI may or may not be printed on his/her passbook of the bank.
  4. To know Your CIF directly from bank executive you can make a call to the toll free numbers of SBI and ask him about your CIF Number. The numbers that can be used for this purpose are 1800112211, 18004253800 or, 080-26599990. After calling these toll-free number you will have to verify your identity through providing account details.
  5. Another simple way for knowing your CIF Number is to visit your bank branch personally. You need to provide your account number in order to know about your CIF Number.
  6. Online Method of Knowing CIF Number
  7. Using SBI Netbanking you can get your CIF Number. Go to the option of “Account Summary” followed by “view nomination and PAN details”. On the next page, CIF Number and PAN details will be displayed.
  8. Another way also Includes SBI Netbanking. Here you need to go to account information and select ‘view’ and ‘go’. The next page of the account summary will display your CIF Number, IFS code, and other information.
  9. By the use of SBI Anywhere App login and go to ‘services’ option on the homepage followed by the ‘Online Nomination’ option. After then select the ‘Transaction account’ and choose saving account as a type of account. You will find your CIF Number nest to your Account Number.
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You can go through either of the ways mentioned above to get your CIF Number. This article would have helped you with it.

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