EE Black Friday only offers SIM returns: 60 GB of data for only £ 20 per month


Is it a coincidence that EE has brought one of its best SIM deals on Valentine's Day …? No. No, it is not and we cannot emphasize this enough … SIM plans are not romantic.

However, while this does not scream love, at least it silently sings the negotiation, as this marks the return of one of the best SIM plans in the US. Offering up to 60 GB of data for only £ 20 a month, the last time we saw this EE promotion was during Black Friday.

Given that EE is not exactly the cheapest network, it generally costs more than its three main competitors: Three, Vodafone and O2, every time we see that the reputable retailer gets big on its offers, it is always worth jumping.

For you or for a gift for your partner, you cannot say that we are not trying to dissuade you, we have listed everything you need to know about this EE SIM offer only below. You will also find details of the closest competing offers.

The US Big Data SIM agreement only:

What other SIM offers are only available at this time?

An agreement that EE will have difficulties to overcome comes from Tres. By offering an unlimited data limit for only £ 18 a month, Three currently has the pace of the market.

Or, on the cheaper side, Smarty Mobile is balancing a 50GB data plan at a price of only £ 15 per month. And with this agreement, you will have a continuous 1 month contract, which means you can stay as long as you want and leave whenever you want.

Do you just want something cheap and cheerful? The option of 2 GB of iD Mobile data for £ 6 could be ideal.


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