Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2: Suman and Shravan kissing each other

The TV world is always up with some or the other news. There’s something happening out there each and every day. The world is full of rumors, and there are several stories to hear about it. In the upcoming episodes of Sony TV’s Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2, Suman and Shravan will be sharing an intimate moment with each other. We are now back with an interesting update from Sony TV’s Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2. This serial has been one of the favorites since quite a long time, and now, there are a lot of other news surrounding it. Since this particular daily soap has got a huge fan base, it seems as if everyone is curious to know about it, and what the two are doing. We have been at the forefront in reporting updates about the show. 

Suman and Sharavan- Ek Duje ke Vaaste 2 stars sharing intimate moments

Recently, we have heard it from our sources about Suman asking Shravan for a couple dance. It was held as an activity in their school to which Shravan agrees. We have also informed our viewers that Shravan will propose Suman amidst the show. Suman has even friendzoned him and he has been struggling with the issue. It looks like finally he has already decided what he actually wants. 

The audience and fans of the show will witness an interesting track as Suman and Shravan’s closeness will go on increasing in the next episodes. The duo came together to record a dance video. That’s when their intimacy will increase. Chances are high that they might kiss each other too! Yes, you heard it right and make sure that you are not missing out this episode by any chance. 

Suman and Shravan intimate kiss: What’s next?

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What do you think would happen after this intimate moment? Will all the balme be on Shravan for crossing his limits or will Suman realize her love for Shravan? Everyone seems to be extremely excited to find out what’s coming up on the way. There could be a lot of probabilities. Since these two are having a strong fan base, it seems if Suman instills her love for Shravan all over again. We seem to be expecting quite a lot from this show, and the expectations of the audiences are high enough! 

Sony TV is having a good number of shows on at this time, and certainly Suman and Shravan are liked by the audiences quite enough. Everyone wants to know if they would be back in love all over again, or if their fate are not meant to be together ever! Stay tuned to our website and we shall help you know as circumstances would roll down. 

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