England’s leg spinner Adil Rashid isn’t disappointed as he wasn’t expecting to be picked in IPL

NewsDio Desk : It is rightly said that we don’t feel disappointed, if we don’t have expectations, and the same goes well for England’s leg spinner Adil Rashid.  Yes, he was referring to how he really didn’t expect to be included in IPL; hence he has no remorse for not playing in the cricket’s shortest form.  Although, his performance did loads of talking, but the saddest part has been where IPL franchisers couldn’t find worth it. So, he was not picked in the last auction as well. 

He said that since there are so many spinners out there where India has its own players, so he wasn’t really expecting himself to be picked.  He aired his opinion, on the eve of second t20 international which England is playing against India. 

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Well, it is true that the competition is immensely tough and one has to be over the toes, and then it is also important to have luck on one side, for achieving the desired results. 

The 33 year old batsman is of the view that it would have been best, has he been included, however then there is a need to leave things in destiny as one waits himself to be picked.  This is how the IPL or any other competition works. England has a pretty great opening, thanks to Rashid who not just proved to be quite economical, but also was the reason for dismissing Virat Kohli for a duck, as the main wicket really put the hosts in the back foot. 

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The match was won by England in a comfortable manner. 

Bowling with a new ball is something, which he hasn’t done for quite some time now; the last he did was a decade back for Yorkshire and in Australia. However, he is hopeful to carry on the new ball with grace and charisma and will perform fairly well.  Irrespective of the situation, he is optimistic of justifying his inclusion in the team. 

He has been fairly practicing the same in the nets while bowling to batsmen with a new ball. Hence, he is focusing himself with every single aspect, so as to carve a niche for himself, while taking his team to heights. 

He is now more concerned and focused in the world cup as there seems to be lots of cricket which will mark his day. He is certainly thinking positively and that’s the trait of a learned batsman. 

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While talking about the T20 World Cup, alongside hosts which is obviously India, England is also quite a favorite.

He gives his mantra of success where he said that having a focused approach will work wonders, and so is the belief on one self. He also said that one should believe in the strengths and polish the skills so that there is an increasing chance for the game to be won. 

Currently India is in the leading position in the five-match T20 series against India 1-0 and the second games starts on Sunday.

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