Enola Holmes Movie Plot, Storyline, Review and Trailer

Elona Holmes Review
Elona Holmes Review

Elona Holmes is a Hollywood movie made by Netflix. Enola Holmes’s character is played by very talented and Young actor Millie Bobby Brown. The way she has molded herself into the character is worth watching. The way Enola defended herself, stood against her brother, and choose her future shows the independent side of a young teen girl. 

This movie portrays a strong bond between a mother and her daughter. Enola’s mother Eudoria has raised her daughter alone, which is fitting as Enola spelled backward is alone. Eudoria taught her daughter everything she knew, starting from reading, science, sports (like Martial arts and jujitsu). This brought out the exuberant spirit of the women, the women who can do whatever they want, and be whoever they want to be. Eudoria does instill her daughter the conviction that women are capable of doing anything as men are, Enola wasn’t taught to stay like girls rather have all the skills and become independent so that her identity shouldn’t be finding a husband and rearing children. 

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When her mother disappeared, she was all left alone with her brothers who didn’t even recognize her when she went to pick them. However, alone turning out to be good for Enola in the story.

This made her realize that she doesn’t have to become like Mycroft nor she has to follow the footsteps of Sherlock. She has the right to choose a future for herself and decide whoever she wants to share with. She also learned that being alone doesn’t mean being lonely. She felt obligated to stand for everyone who can’t speak for themselves.

This movie brings out the message of equality, individuality, and freedom for women of society and brings a revolutionary expression of women in society. Download Elona Holmes Subtitles to watch it in other languages. 


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