Esports Betting: The Ultimate Guide to Successful Betting

The world of sports is no longer limited to the players to turn their fortunes around. With the growing popularity of sports betting, professional and seasoned gamblers worldwide are investing their resources in this area to become a millionaire overnight. That has allowed betting to structure itself as a full-fledged industry.

The thrill and excitement associated with winning big from a small amount are attractive for the common man. While the rich indulge themselves in betting to find some use of their enormous resources. However, a good fraction of people consider it as a profession and earn their living through it.

However, betting is not easy; you have to analyze hands and the bookkeeper’s offer and make calculative guesses that have a higher likelihood of winning.

Unfortunately, most people fail to succeed, but many are still trying their luck to join this club. They continue their activities in pursuit of jumping ranks and become a pro at it someday. If you are one of the new buds trying to settle in, then you unarguably need some assistance to point you in the right direction. 

Here is the ultimate guide to successful betting, without giving up your fortunes:

  • Best Sports Betting Websites

The ideal place to start your ventures is online sportsbooks. Exploring the best betting sites will give you a clear picture of the bargain that you might be striking while placing any wagers. They summarize all the data for you, and in some cases, even present the results of the last dice roll. That helps you understand the regulations of the bet and get a good idea of your odds in the deal. You can also expect each platform to present a variety of odds, so you choose the most reasonable option.

  • Understand The Betting Lines

The oddsmakers who present the bet on a particular game do so by releasing a betting line. That is a representation of their understanding to declare the favorites and underdogs of every game. If there is no such data or the teams rival each other, they classify it as a toss-up for the betters to pick either side.

These betting lines determine the point after or before which you are in a winning position. A positive sign is for the favorites, while the underdogs bear a negative sign. It means that if you bet on the popular choice and win by exceeding the number with the sign, you cover. If it’s a borderline victory, you walk away with what you came, but a win below that margin would mean that you lost. The same idea works in case of betting on the underdogs of that deal.

However, the sums that you make vary while placing a wager on each side. Since betting on the underdogs is very risky, the rewards are equally impressive. And because the favorite is already likely to win, you might not go back with a significant fortune unless you place big money.

  • Betting Line Movement

Like the figures in the stock markets, the betting lines are also variable. They move depending on the line-ups, injuries, weathers, venue, and several other aspects related to the game. So even if the betting opens at one point, the chances are high that the closing line value will differ.

Keeping that in mind, it’s best to place your bets around closing or using an online algorithm to help you with it. Try to put your money on the best line options to ensure successful betting outcomes.

  • Types Of Betting

There are several ways to betting on any sports, and these determine the point or line on which you bet. Point-spread betting is the most common method. It means that you are placing a wager on not only winning but a particular margin of points for that outcome. The previous example of favorites and underdogs use this as a model.

As opposed to it, there is the option of money line betting. It means that you are simply placing your money on a victory or defeat and not interested in the points. The signs for favorites and underdogs remain the same, but the earnings vary drastically with changing numbers beside them.

There’s also the option of betting on the total points scored in the span of a game that oddsmakers release with betting lines. It’s easier to bet on these as there is less number of outcomes to consider.

  • How Much To Bet

The pressing question associated with betting is how much money to place with each of your bets. No limit on the wagers is the reason that beginners end up becoming broke after playing a single hand. And unfortunately, there is no concrete answer to this question since it solely depends on you.

However, to play safely at the beginning, a flat-betting approach is highly recommended. All you have to remember is to bet below five percent of the number of your bets. That is your bankroll, hence spread your bets evenly. That should keep you from losing more than you can afford. It’s better to understand that betting isn’t a premier event, but a timely activity. Going all out at once will leave your pockets empty and force you to quit.


Other than applying smart strategies for betting, you can only become a pro with experience. Try to exercise caution, but don’t let that keep you from exploring your options. Be prepared to welcome any losses, as you would with the winnings. Hopefully, with the help of the guide above, you can place a better bet and be successful.

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