EV SSL certificate: The key security factor for a Successful eCommerce business!

Safeguarding your e-commerce business has taken a new notch than the earlier times. With the rampant atrocities taking place on digital platforms, it has become imperative to protect your website, now more than ever. It is no surprise that hackers tend to sniff over the online-present companies and engulf your precious information. That is where you must take a step forward and secure your site with an EV SSL certificate. Today, this blog will walk you through the nitty-gritty of having this and why you should buy an extended validation SSL as quickly as possible.

You must be aware that cybercriminals are professionally equipped to snoop over your platform in many ways. Some of the trickiest ones include forum and comment spam, instant messaging spam, email spam, and mobile phone spam. So, what stays common in each of these mediums is that they send the user an enticing link that contains spam to steal valuable information. And once the user clicks on these suspicious links, it lets the hackers catch all your private data and steal whatever they need.

But when you are running a big e-commerce business and have thousands of customers who come to shop with you, you must render them trusted services, where they do not need to worry about their financial transactions’ vulnerability. An EV SSL Certificate helps these networks encrypt any of the transactions taking place over the internet. Here, in the blog, we shall be delving into the following:

Table of Contents 

  1. What is an EV SSL – Extended Validation SSL?
  2. Why do eCommerce websites use EV SSL Certificate? /Why is EV SSL Important on E-commerce Store?
  3. Who should use EV SSL Certificates?
  4. How EV SSL provides Defense against Online Frauds and Scams?
  5. Role of EV SSL Certificate in an e-commerce Industry

What is an EV SSL – Extended Validation SSL?

Extended Validation SSL Certificates are known in the security market for providing the highest level of customer trust. This is said to have the strictest and most authenticated standards concerning any of the SSL Certificates. EV SSL certificates are the gold stamp in the industry’s premium class of SSL security products.

Since they provide the highest level of trust and security to their users, they have put up the highest authentication steps. All the significant businesses include an enhanced version of the user interface display for their site security which is enticed by a robust and validated cheap EV SSL certificate.

According to a recently published report, about 53% of the customers today prefer those companies whose site owns a green padlock symbol at the top of the URL. This green padlock is a sign of trust and showcases to the customer that their information stays encrypted. The report also suggests that about 42% of the customers recognize that this green padlock signifies more safety.

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If you are in the e-commerce business and wish to buy an extended validation SSL Certificate, you should hurry rather than worry. Know that your customers are looking for online security, which is one of their priorities and must-haves. The last thing that they want from you is to get their identity stolen at any cost. Further, with Google’s recent announcement of their changes to the primary indicators of security, rendered by an SSL Certificate, the EV SSL certificate is one of the most requisite ones that stand out in furnishing stellar security, trust, and commitment to your users.

Why is EV SSL Important on E-commerce Store?

  1. It has been noted that e-commerce websites use EV SSL Certificates to protect their security from cyberattacks threats. If you are an owner of one such site, you should have no second thoughts on getting one of these as fast as possible. Here are some extra bullets that will tell you why you should not give this a backseat.
  1. EV SSL Certificate is said to have the highest security, trust, and assurance in the security industry. For any business to thrive well, it needs the support of its visitors, which testify any given business’s success.
  1. It follows specific procedures that elevate the validation of this process. It will ask the certificate approver for the title, identity, and organizational details from a separate, independent source for starters. The face of this source stays anonymous. Secondly, once this step is cleared – it will ask the certificate approver to verify and obtain the certificates on behalf of the organization. If the need arises, it will lead to a telephone verification, wherein the SSL Certificate request and each of the certificate requests must be identified during the ordering process using a telephone number, which is again independently verified.
  1. It gives a stamp of a verified business name in the browser URL. Further, the best part about this is that it encrypts the private online transactions, which is what online e-commerce business is all about.
  1. Naturally, when the customers’ given trust is in place, it organically enhances the site’s website ranking in the Google SERP. Thereby, you get to see a complete site and data protection. And all of these leads to a massive boost in consumer trust in your brand, which augments your company’s overall sales and revs up the revenue bar.

Who should use EV SSL Certificates?

Being in an online e-commerce business, you should place yourself first on the list of this question. Some of the other parties that can accompany you on this list are cryptocurrency sites, tech brands, social networking websites like LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Moreover, it is of immense help to the bank as well as the payments industry. Aside from this, these certificates can be used by one who believes that their sites need additional security assistance.

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It is a must for the sites and domains that deal with everyday monetary transactions and handle confidential information. This can include credit card or debit card credentials or any such byte of data critical for the brand operations. Herein, adding an extra layer of security is essential to ensure that your pages are protected and cannot be hacked by professional cybercriminals.

Also, note that the EV SSL certificates have the extra facet of functionality called the SAN or Subject Alternative Names. Having an EV SAN SSL Certificate (or commonly called the Multi-domain SSL Certificate) will allow you to manage all your domain’s security aspects seamlessly. In each of the domains mentioned above, they need this extra bit of protection to take a back seat from losing their customers’ trust.

Interestingly, you do not have to worry about the budget aspect too. Let us assume that your e-commerce business has a site having multiple pages. That does not mean you have to buy a separate certificate for each of these pages. Buying a multi-domain EV SSL certificate will allow you to secure up to 250 pages at once without having to bear any additional charges.

How EV SSL provides Defense against Online Frauds and Scams?

  1. The best kind of defense starts with you! The more you are proactive in safeguarding your site, the better you will run against online scams and fraudsters. To save a fortune, here are some of the tips you can incorporate to steer away from the mess quick:
  2. Try to opt for the sites that are trusted or have a good brand reputation. The thing about trusted sites is that your money stays safe, no matter what. Just in case you face an issue where your transaction gets stuck amidst, or you do not get a One-Time password, the company will be more than happy to return the money to you. However, finding this loyalty from a distrusted site could bring you slim chances.
  3. Refrain from giving away personally identifiable data to any sources that look shady to you. When you are asked for personal information such as name, address, or social insurance number – take a step back and know why the need to divulge that information exists. That, too, without any valid reason.
  4. Never click on a suspicious link that has some of the apprehensive elements. This includes an email that might say that you won a one-million-dollar lottery or a medical claim where they ask you to submit a handsome amount for some ailing victim in Antarctica. Stay away from reverting to such emails.
  5. If possible, try to use anti-spam software or a spam filter on your device. This will proactively help you to save your data from getting leaked. Also, verify the request that asks you for your personal information thoroughly before you hit ‘send’. Also, note that no reputed or trusted organization will ask you for any confidential details over an email or a phone call.
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Role of EV SSL Certificate in an e-commerce Industry

There is an immense role of an EV SSL certificate in an e-commerce business. First, it lets the commerce owners secure and protect the users’ private data that run over the internet. The CA or the Certificate Authority provides these certificates for the brands to create a strong customer base while shopping online. The company entity is validated for legal purposes before the issue of the EV SSL Certificate, so the customers have no reason to question the authenticity of the green padlock.

It is not even that difficult to find the best SSL certificates in the market. In today’s competitive market, you will find a list of many such security service providers who can render these certificates to you seamlessly, without you having to worry about it. One such is the ClickSSL site. Here you can find an eclectic range of EV SSL Certificates that fit both your purpose and budget as well. Now, you do not have to worry about letting your customers down. All they need to worry about now is what next to add to their shopping cart.


If you care for your customer’s safety and wish to regale them with a fantastic customer experience, getting an EV SSL certificate gives you all the more reasons to get started on buying it right away. This kind of certificate makes sure that they put the internet business security front and center. With that, they thwart away phishing attacks and keep you away from the threats of any such vicious cybercrime. 

One of the most convenient parts about these certificates is that they add a green padlock on the top of the URL, which acts like a visual confirmation that aids the business owners build trust and confidence. Aside from this, it helps enhance the online shopping commitments as your customers are now keen to buy more from you, thereby leading to increased sales and long-term revenue. 

Without their love and support, it would not take seconds for your business to churn away. And the most crucial step on the ladder to reach the pinnacle of success is gaining your customers’ trust. Once you have this gem, the slight possibilities of them switching to any other brand or leaving you in the middle of payment almost rule out. That brings out a win-win situation for all.

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