Extend Your Wi-Fi and Make it faster

Crawling Wi-Fi speeds is as annoying as it sounds. The latest technology is pouring vehemently into our homes. Almost every item is now demanding a steady internet connection to function effectively. Most of the internet service providers offer unperturbed and seamless internet connectivity. While some of them do not, in such cases, I have listed down a bunch of quick fixes and hacks to give that lousy Wi-Fi a good boost. 

It is sometimes quite challenging to get full Wi-Fi coverage in our homes with steady internet connectivity in every nook and sneaky corners like basements or the top hood where it becomes near impossible. Most wireless signals use air as their traveling medium and the presence of hurdles in their way is quite natural. These hurdles make the signals lose their strength and should be an important consideration before installing a Wi-Fi router. The lesser the hurdles the better. 


The following are a few and more common obstructions available in our surroundings that might be a hurdle in the smooth flow of the signals. 


  • Electrical Interference: Electronic devices such as Computers, Lighting, Refrigerators, and fans, usually cause electrical interference. The degree of interference caused depends upon the distance of the Wi-Fi router and equipment from these devices. 
  • Environmental Causes: Wi-Fi signals use radio technology as a medium of transmission. Any variation in the environment may result in signal interference. Environmental variations refer to the changes in air moisture level, the concentration of fog or even smog, and electrical discharges like lightning can weaken the signal strength too. 
  • Physical Obstacles: Physical objects like humans, concrete or steel walls, buildings, can pose a low to a high degree of interference for the Wi-Fi signals. The obstruction increases with the density of the material of that physical object. This density adds to the difficulty in the signal’s ability to pass. 
  • Position of the Router: The right router positioning has kept us confused for ages now. Installing it closer to the ground will lead to greater obstruction and hence weaker signal strength. However, placing it too high will increase the distance between the router and the connecting device. However, installing the router on a median floor’s ceiling will be an ideal option to go for. 


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How to Boost that Signal

Here are a few ways to mitigate the issues that obstruct wireless signal transmission: 


  • Optimal Placement of Router


Wired connections are easier to hide but when it comes to installation however, wireless connections need the right kind of exposure for seamless signal transmission. Exactly the kind of instructions that come along with an internet connection by a reliable service like Spectrum, windstream or Xfinity. Whenever a representative installs a wireless system in your facility, they suggest following this golden rule. In case someone does not, then choose a place where the signals face the least obstruction and have sufficient room to travel Omni-directionally. 


  • Wireless Range Extender
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Wireless range extenders are small gadgets manufactured by various providers. Wireless repeater/range extender boosts the Wi-Fi signal for it to cover a large area. If you live in a place with thicker walls or concrete structures nearby and consistently face the issue of poor connectivity, then investing in a good Wi-Fi extender is not a bad idea. 


  • Update your Modem and Router Software


Doing this has great benefits, some of them being the fact that updating your software will appraise your system for all the latest features, system upgrades and equip your system with the latest security measures. 


  • Aluminum Foil


Finally yet importantly, a quick DIY technique that folks from the 90s used to swear by. Yes, using aluminum foil around the rabbit ears of your TV antenna set to give those signals an instant boost. The same goes for Wi-Fi routers, use an aluminum can, empty all the contents, cut it in half vertically and plant it over the router’s antenna to give those signals an instant boost. 


  • Reboot your modem
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As much as we pay little heed to smaller things, they turn out to be equally crucial. Moreover, most of the time, the solutions to bigger problems lie in those simpler things. Similarly, when it comes to boosting your Wi-Fi’s speed, simply unplugging your modem and router from the electrical connection and restarting it after at least 15 seconds can help you get your network back on track. 


To sum it all up, I have presented the top tried and tested techniques that I swear by, myself. They work just as good with most routers and internet devices, increasing their range reaching all those Wi-Fi dead zones and boosting its speed instantly. Feel free to try these simple techniques before moving on for a new router altogether. 

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