Facebook says that it has removed 1.3 Billion Fake Accounts in October – December

NewsDio Desk : The news which has come on Monday as Facebook has said that it has removed 1.3 billion fake accounts between October and December last year. The social media platform is keen on bringing a positive change by improving on the authenticity of the information and it is for this reason that it has pressed more than 35,000 in the service to tackle misinformation. 

Owing to the widest possible cases of how misinformation has been shared during Covid 19, Facebook has also removed 12 million pieces of content regarding the same. One of the widely shared things has been the specific misinformation concerning the availability of the vaccines which the global health experts have regarded to be false and mis-informed. 

Of late, there has been wide cases of how false information has seeped so much that the users have been extensively sharing misinformation in leaps and bounds both on Facebook and Twitter. 

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The US House Committee on Energy and Commerce has presented its view regarding how Facebook has been in forefront of dealing misinformation where FB has disclosed the data which also included removal of accounts. 

As the fake accounts have been removed, FB is going to scrutinize about the extent of foreign and domestic operations which were basically done through them. 

While looking at the past three years, the company has presented regarding how active it has been towards removing over 100 networks of coordinated inauthentic behavior from the platform. While at the same time, customers should get to know the timely reports which become the basis of their efforts towards maintaining transparency. 

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The company has made certain systems and has a team to detect such inauthentic behavior which wrongly persuades people for Clickbait. FB is also making use of artificial intelligence to detect the issues relating with the fraud in order to make its policies against such malpractices effectively. 

Facebook has been very much concerned about the possible sharing of misinformation on other platforms which it has owned like that of Instagram and WhatsApp. 

Therefore, to create a more transparent and authentic use of the platform, it has pressed into services more than 80 independent fact-checkers who are reviewing  over 60 languages. The step is going to create a noteworthy change and will make it easy for the users to use it more openly without the lurking danger.

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Usually, in an era where Covid 19 has fast spread its tentacles, any sensitive information should be passed with great research and authenticity. However, previous year has seen loads of information being passed without facts and hence has instilled fear in the minds of users. 

However, there has been a welcome change from Facebook which is curbing on the same in order to make it cleaner and useful for the masses to use and take benefit from. 

Social media has rightly been the need of today and there should be proper mechanism to curtain and to stop its misuse as well. 

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