Facebook, Twitter meet labelling Test on Trump’s Election Post

In a real-time test of their rules on controlling propaganda and premature victory declarations, Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. flagged President Donald Trump’s tweets at the election in the United States as votes were being tallied.

The two firms were closely investigated in terms of how they policed their websites easily spread misleading facts and political violence. Everyone promised to act on posts from candidates in the weeks leading up to the Tuesday ballot. With votes is being counted on Wednesday, Twitter has hidden a tweet from Trump that claimed “We’ve got BIG, but they’re trying to STEAL the election. The company also reduced the ability of users to share the message.

Facebook added to the same post a label stating that “end results may differ from first votes, for days or weeks the ballot count will remain. Twitter did not mark Trump as a separate post and said “A big Win”.

Facebook spokes person said they would be running top-of-the-line notifications on Facebook and their Instagram photo sharing website. Automatic labels with this information would also begin to apply to the positions of both candidates. Twitter first began to incorporate Trump’s tweets with fact-check marks in May. Facebook, which criticises some politicians and staff for not taking action on the provocative or disappointing messages of the President, also called for more elections.

On Wednesday, a group of critics on Facebook who recently set up their own competing “supervision council” to review their moderation, seems to have blamed the organisation for not limiting the scope of Trump’s storey.

Trump said he won the election, with millions of votes still uncounted, in a live-streaming speech in both places. He was optimistic that his political opponent, Joe Biden, would win the race sooner. Facebook labelled this video, which on the Wednesday morning had 2.6 million views and cautioned against polling could proceed for “days or weeks after polls closed. The video didn’t have a mark or warning on Twitter, where the Trump campaign post and tweeted it.

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