Far Cry 6 – Release Date, Rumors and Possible location

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The “Far cry” series is the video game franchise that’s been exciting the fans with the developer’s genius take on fictional settings and locations apart from upgrades to its gameplay.

It was March 2003, when Ubisoft introduced the game “Far cry” and it was “far cry 3” which started taking us to some unimaginable destinations.  Ubisoft has already taken us to some exhilarating places throughout the Far cry series. In the series, we have experienced places like tropical islands, farmlands of Montana, Himalaya, African plains, and we even went to the pre-historic central Europe in Far cry Primal.

Far Cry Game

In March 2018, Ubisoft released fifth main title installment of the “Far cry” video game series. As it was released just last march we can assume that “Far Cry6” setting and locations are off the table yet. Moreover, it is evident from the sales that “Far cry 5” has earned twice as much as “Far cry 4.” Actually, far cry 5 exceeded everyone’s expectations by blending chaotic action and adventure to create a unique and enthralling game. If we go into details then we can see that it was a vast open world with numerous ideas to amaze and hype the players, which was the starting mission of all previous Far cry games. So, it is plausible that they will keep it running until it gets obsolete in the minds of the players playing it.

But some gestures indicate that they are already in the making of the next version which can be none other than “Far cry 6.” The possible locations were leaked earlier this year by a very reliable source (Ubisoft).


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Some of the fans claimed that they have received an email which wanted them to participate in the survey to choose them the location supposedly for “Far cry 6.” The supposed “Far cry 6” survey wanted the recipients of the email to choose 3 options from the locations provided to them. The options include Australia, New Zealand, the Sahara region, North Korea, India, Cuba, the steppes of Alaska, Russia/Siberia, the jungles of Vietnam, the Jungles of South America, Northern Canadian territories, another planet, a post-apocalyptic world, and an African Country. To substantiate this rumors one Reddit user Karmaecrivain posted a screenshot on the platform of the said survey.

Release Date

Far cry 6” has been rumored to be released in March 2019.

How Sci-fi theme can be made?

Some speculations also reveal that the Title may feature a sci-fi theme.  If they really think to make it happen then the choices for “Far cry 6” locations will have to be very vast. The only challenge for the developers and writers will be making this nature of setting work smoothly with other main series installments. Introducing sci-fi should not come as intricate tasks to Ubisoft since they have already made it possible in the “Far cry 5” DLC “Lost on Mars.”

Unusual yet intriguing locations for ubisoft to select

There are several other locations Ubisoft must consider for their gameplay location. Some of the places include the forest of Amazon, outer space, Dinosaur land, and an invaded Earth.

Outer space

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As we have been into the vaults of bloodthirsty pre-history, the idea of outer space can be much interesting. The players can play the battle with the aliens of that world to survive and should do it all to return to the planet earth.


While we have been in the heat of Africa, shivered in the cold of Tibetan snow and basked in the sunshine of archipelagos, but we have not experienced the ruthlessness of nature. The rainforest can deliver the experience what we are looking for especially in the rainy season. Ubisoft should take heed over the Amazon option to consider it as a favorite location for “Far cry 6.”

Dinosaur land

The idea of dinosaur land can be really very intriguing, think of a journey where your protagonist has embarked onto a mission to save his siblings who got trapped in the land full of hungry dinosaurs. These dinosaurs are very ruthless that they tear a person from limb to limb. The dinosaurs are cunning enough to ambush anyone they see on the way.  The protagonist has the opportunity to save his siblings and bring them back to their homeland.

An invaded earth

Ubisoft should think of having the aliens attack one of the cities and creating a great ruckus. The Half destroyed city over which the alien’s spaceship is hunting down the people. Wouldn’t it be a great scenario to play in the city almost dead and aliens trying to decimate the name of the human being from the earth?

System requirements

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When it comes to running top-notch games on your PC, one must consider to look at the minimum and recommended requirements for that particular game since it will give you a better picture to understand what game will and won’t work on your gaming rig. The predictions for the upcoming game Far cry 6 has already been guessed and we think this could be the final call as far as system requirements are concerned.

It is anticipated that in minimum requirements, the gaming machine should at least have windows 7 installed with core i5 2400 processor clocked at 3.1 GHz. And For a smoother experience the, the gaming rig should have Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 4GB or Radeon RX 570 4GB along with 8GB RAM for the system to reach good Frames per second. The space required for this game will be no less than 50GB in your PC.

For an immersive experience, the recommended requirements will be to have windows 10 64-bit PC that should have an i7 5820 K 6-core 3.3 GHz processor working with Ge Force RTX 2070 8GB or Radeon RX vega 64 liquid 8GB. And, to be able to play the game at the highest possible FPS the recommended RAM is 16 GB.

The experience of all these lands can be taken only if we play in one. We hope “Far cry 6” will be more amazing than Far cry 5.

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