Fast And Loose On Netflix: All You Need To Know

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When Fast and Loose was released on Netflix it instantly became a worldwide phenomenon. There are many reasons for this, but one of the main ones is that Fast and Loose tells a story in an entirely new way. It is different from anything else you will ever see!

What is the information related to Fast and Loose on Netflix?

Netflix has bought the rights to a new film. The film is about a robber. It will be led by Will Smith who was nominated for an Oscar. This is a new collaboration with the streamer. He has done it before in 2017 when he made a fantasy movie. And this year, he has been making documentaries that talk about how to make America better. David Leitch, who directed John Wick, will direct the project as well.

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An amazing thing happens in this book. A man wakes up in Tijuana with no memories. He finds out that he has been living two lives, one as a crime kingpin and the other as an undercover CIA agent.

The film is written by Jon Hoeber and Erich Hoeber. It will be produced by Leitch, Smith, Kelly McCormick, Jon Mone, Ryan Shimazaki, and James Lassiter. A production by 87North, STXfilms, and Westbrook Studios.

Netflix Buys Will Smith-Led Action Thriller Movie Fast & Loose From John  Wick Director | Entertainment News
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Smith has acted in many action movies such as the Bad Boys movies, Independence Day, Men in Black movies, Wild Wild West, I Robot, I Am Legend, Hancock, and Suicide Squad. He will next be seen in Warner Bros. Pictures’ new movie about King Richard and in Paramount Pictures’ new movie remaking the classic movie Planes, Trains & Automobiles.

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Will Netflix Acquires ‘Fast & Loose’ Action-Thriller Starring Smith?

Another Will Smith project is headed to the small screen. According to Deadline, Netflix has secured the global rights to Fast & Loose, a STXfilms action-thriller that was at the center of a major bidding war that reportedly involved Warner Bros, Paramount, MGM, and Sony. The film tells the story of John Riley (Smith), an American who wakes up in Tijuana with no memories after being attacked and left for dead. Riley manages to piece together his past with a number of clues, eventually realizing he was living a double life as a CIA undercover agent and a crime kingpin.

Smith is set to star alongside Kevin Hart in Planes, Trains & Automobiles—a remake of the 1987 John Hughes film. He is currently filming the Antoine Fuqua-directed Emancipation and is expected to reprise his role in the Netflix Bright sequel.

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Another film that Smith has been working on has been secured by streaming giant Netflix. Fast & Loose, an action-thriller starring Will Smith, was acquired by Netflix, according to Deadline. The film, which apparently was in a massive bidding war among major film companies, centers around Smith’s character John Riley who wake up in Tijuana with no recollection of being attacked. Later on, the plot twist reveals that he was living life as both an undercover agent and a major criminal kingpin.

Smith also has another project in the work for Netflix. Emancipation, directed by Antoine Fuqua, is headed to the streaming platform, along with the sequel to Bright where Smith will reprise his role as Daryl Ward.

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