‘Fastest Growing Payment Solution Provider’ – Allied Wallet and Founder Ahmad Khawaja Recognized

ahmad khawaja of allied wallet
ahmad khawaja of allied wallet

Allied Wallet is commonly regarded as a leading provider of online payment processing. The company is known for offering various payment solutions across 196 countries all over the world. The Founder and CEO – Dr. Ahmad Khawaja – was recently featured on the cover of APAC Business Headlines as one of the “10 Fastest Growing Payment Solution Providers.” APAC Business Headlines is primarily regarded as an Asian-Pacific publication that provides a knowledge platform.

The platform is also known for offering the best technological breaking news. APAC Business Headlines is also known for connecting with customers by introducing them to innovative ideas, and top-rated companies. They also highlight issues about different new channels, and broader levels of technological adoption. The issue features Dr. Ahmad Khawaja of Allied Wallet on the cover promoting its feature article, “Meet the Future of The Payment.”

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Allied Wallet: Known for its state-of-the-art fraud protection

The article revolves around an interview with Dr. Ahmad Khawaja and thus highlights some of Allied Wallet’s most brilliant product/service offerings. The product service and offerings of this company make Allied Wallet a popular name in the industry of digital payments. Allied Wallet’s NextGen Payment Gateway is known for its state-of-the-art fraud protection and it will eventually be known for its potential to eliminate fraud 100%, thereby, providing a never before seen level of e-commerce security. It is also known for its services, much beyond its key products and cutting-edge technology.

During the interview, APAC brings the focus back to Allied Wallet’s core focus which is its dedication to its customers. It was lauded by publications such as Inc. 500, Fortune, and the Guardian. Consequently, the company still focuses on taking terms to assure the happiness of its customers. This trait coupled with its ability to innovate makes Allied Wallet stand to be one of the leading payment solution providers across the globe.

Ahmad Khawaja: Leading the industry with different new alternative payment prospects

Dr. Ahmad Khawaja said that he is extremely proud to witness the success of Allied Wallet and there is so much more to come. Allied Wallet has been leading the industry with different new alternative payment methods. There are several new partnerships coming up as well, to further connect a global community.

We are extremely excited about the company and thus, are eager to witness it taking the charge to go through several transformations that would consequently help it grab a better future. Merchants and consumers will almost have an unlimited amount of ways to transact through the payment platform of Allied Wallet.

The tremendous growth of this company, as noted this year, could be attributed to its swift moving technology department, along with being able to meet with new compatibilities and thus, extend its reach to new payment options that are being announced weekly. Dr Khawaja further said that the Allied Wallet takes the responsibility of connecting the world.

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