Fire Emblem: Three Houses gets a fourth secret house in DLC


Today has been full of Fire Emblem: three houses news, starting with the addition of Byleth to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate list. But successes keep coming, as Nintendo has released news of the fourth wave of DLC content that is coming to Three houses on February 12, and it looks like it's going to be meaty.

So far the Fire Emblem: three houses The expansion pass has added a small handful of costumes, items and playable characters, but the fourth content release will feature a new parallel story called Cindered Shadows. The story features a fourth secret house, Ashen Wolves, composed of outcasts from the famous Garreg Mach military school. Apparently, the house has existed under Garreg Mach, in the sewers, operating without anyone knowing.

According to Nintendo's YouTube description, players will be able to meet and recruit four new Ashen Wolves students, who will then return to the main story of the game to complete the main search. According to the description, it seems that this will not be a complete campaign, but rather a deviation from the three main campaigns in Three houses.

the Three houses The expansion pass includes four pieces of downloadable content for $ 24.99, which makes it the final launch of the pass. Other free content is yet to come, which will include Jeritza as a playable character, but will be available to anyone who owns a copy of the main game.


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