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I would call that a dream fight of WrestleMania. One of the funniest things of the WrestleMania season is trying to discover which games you are going to watch. There are some that are quite obvious for several months, but others are just the ones you can discover as the program gets closer. That is the case this year and now we could meet one of the specials.

Legends are one of the main selling points of WrestleMania. The show goes further in its efforts to honor the past and present of wrestling and you will see that these two ages intersect almost every year. That can generate some great games and moments, which may be the case this year in a game we have never seen before.

According to, AJ Styles vs. the Undertaker is currently planned for WrestleMania 36. In case the match takes place, it would be the first time the two have been together in a match of any kind. Undertaker has not fought since Extreme Rules 2019 (July 14, 2019) and Styles is currently out of action with a separate shoulder. However, it appears on the list as part of a glove match in Super ShowDown on February 27.

These two can work on the big stage. Check out some of his WrestleMania moments:

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Opinion: This is the rare coincidence that we have literally never seen before and could be a great confrontation. I love seeing this kind of thing on WrestleMania because it feels like the kind of thing you can only see on a special night like this. It is likely that none of these boys will stay much longer and seeing them in a match like this is a special pleasure.

Are you interested in this match? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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