Five Apps For Teachers


“Sharing is good and with digital technology, sharing is easy,” said Richard Stallman. The world is now digital. Everything is just a click away. A coffee in one hand and the world in the other. That’s how everyone is right now. Mobile phones and personal computers have played a huge role in revolutionizing the way things are done. The internet and the increase in its accessibility have changed the game altogether. Twenty years ago, who would have thought that we will be able to order groceries online? Who would have thought that we would be just seconds away even if we are miles apart?!

The world has changed in ways more than imaginable and it is primarily due to the advancement of technology. Online teaching has been accepted as a way of life now. Teacher app, online teaching app, educational app, there are a lot of varieties under the same category. We will be looking at five such apps that help teachers.


Five Apps For Teachers

  • Teachmint

Teachmint is an online teaching app with millions of users. It started gaining popularity because of the brilliant features that it offers. From live class recording to fee management, this online teaching platform has got it all covered. It has a host of features like an online whiteboard, online MCQ tests, attendance management, real-time notifications, online content sharing, and more. Teachers across India are loving this app because of the ease and convenience that it brings to the table. With Teachmint, teachers can create their own websites in a few steps and this helps them to reach more students and get more visibility. The icing on the cake is that it is absolutely free! This is a one-stop solution for online teaching. 

  • Instructables
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This is an app that helps teachers plan their lessons effectively. The importance of lesson planning need not be mentioned. It is pivotal to plan the lessons properly and have a roadmap of what the classes are going to be like. Instructables walk teachers through a lot of activities that can be incorporated into the classroom and this makes lesson planning easier. It has project ideas for teachers and has tips about how classes can be made more interesting and interactive and likewise. A great app for teachers. 

  • Kahoot

With more than thousands of engaging quizzes for teachers, students, and all other learners, it is an app for interactive learning. More often than not, classes can get drab and redundant. To curb this issue, it is important to make sure that the students engage in interactive games and activities. Kahoot is just the app for that. It allows the users to pick from millions of quizzes. Teachers can create their own games and gamification has proved to be a great teaching strategy. Education is being reimagined and it is only fair to reimagine the ways of teaching and learning.

  • Edmodo
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Edmodo helps to create a better classroom community. It helps everyone in the classroom stay connected. The teachers, the students, the parents, everyone. Providing feedback to students becomes easier. It is a kind of social media that is created with the educational community in mind. When the going gets tough, the tough get online and do it with ease!

  • Trello

This is a project management app that is super helpful for both teachers and students. It helps teachers to assign tasks and keep track of the same. With regular reminders and updates, it is a perfect app to keep all your activities organized and homework in place. The app can be customized as per needs and requirements and is a useful tool for educators. 

There are other apps that a=has proved helpful to the educators. We have discussed just five among these applications for teachers. While there are more educational apps and platforms that enter the market, it is important to note what your requirements are and choose one that fits your needs. When there are a lot of options to choose from, it is normal for the consumer to get confused and overwhelmed. The idea is to choose with your mind and not just with your heart. Analyze the practicality of the platform, understand what they are offering, and then take a step forward. 

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