Five Common Problems White Collars Face in the Office

Every morning we see beautiful, neatly dressed young people on the streets and public transport. Although these men and women look different, they all belong to one common “type” — office workers. These employees spend the whole day in the offices of their companies. What problems do they face? In this article, we will tell you about the 5 most common problems at the office.

Top-5 Problems to Deal with in the Office

    1-Technical issues

Today everyone knows how to use computers, and create conferences on Skype, but only a few can configure a printer or simply clean a cartridge. Office workers often face technical problems that do not belong to their working duties, but they have to deal with them on their own. For example, they are not able to organize the work of 1C, configure access rights on their server, or fix the problem in the operation of IP telephony, since they simply do not have such skills. They may also get confused if you ask them to migrate between the mailing clients and convert Windows Live Mail to Outlook. All this requires the involvement of specialists.

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     2-Lack of physical activity

Almost the whole day, except for the lunch break, the employee is forced to stay in a confined space at a work table with a minimum of movement, which is no longer the norm for a young person — the need for movement is inherent by nature. The accumulated feeling of fatigue, irritation, aggression — all this can be removed with the help of physical exercises, and active hobbies. However, not in every life situation, this can be realized.

    3-Blurring the personal boundaries

A conflict situation may arise in the team since the boundaries between family and society have blurred. The monotony of work leads to fatigue, but the employee is expected to pay more attention to detail, and in some cases, almost love for what he does. The lack of a clear line between personal and working life leads to exaggerated expectations, which the employee is unable to satisfy.


Regular work activity is always accompanied by noise. Noise affects all kinds of office activities — individual and collaborative work, meetings, phone calls, conferences, learning, etc. Noise level and quiet working space are two criteria by which only 30% of office workers are satisfied with the quality of the environment. This means that 70% are uncomfortable with noise. By shedding light on the effects of noise, we can create an environment in which employees can thrive, create, and develop as individuals, and in teams and organizations.

    5-Health Issues

Many types of research confirm that prolonged sedentary activity in closed spaces is the cause of various disorders and diseases. Regular stress, depression, and overwork reduce the body’s defensive function, which, in turn, leads to chronic diseases. Office work slows down metabolism, leads to congestion in organs, which further provokes varicose veins, obesity, and diabetes. Therefore, it is important to motivate the employees to live a healthy life and encourage their physical activities.

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