Five months with Google Pixelbook Go: work remotely with speed, style and the best keyboard


Practical Pixelbook Go: the refined version of Google on the Chromebook platform
Matt Miller of ZDNet explains that, in the past, Google-branded Chromebooks were for those who were willing to pay a premium for a high-quality experience. The Pixelbook Go still offers a premium experience designed by Google, but at a lower entry price. Read more:

Five months ago I started using Google Pixelbook Go, I see our full review, and as much as I love using Pixel Slate, it is the Pixelbook Go that has been my favorite computer for almost the last half year. Pixel Slate is an excellent Chromebook, but I have not incorporated the use of tablets as a standard daily practice. The portable format of Pixelbook Go is more productive for my needs.

In early 2018, I stopped using Surface Pro 4 and made the Google Pixelbook my home office host. The Pixelbook was replaced by the Pixel Slate which has now been surpassed by the Pixelbook Go. I probably shouldn't have sold my Pixelbook, but I honestly like the most modern design, the best keyboard and the 16: 9 screen of the Pixelbook Go.

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After five months of daily use, I have explored the Pixelbook Go in depth and prefer to use it as my daily controller and as my remote work device for the following reasons:

  1. Android applications and remote work: While the full Google Chrome browser experience covers many use cases, having Google Play Store built into Pixelbook Go takes things to the next level. I have dozens of Android applications in Pixelbook Go, and one of the most used is VMware Horizon software. With this software, I have full access to the VDI experience in my engineering company and I can run Rhino, Microsoft Project, Deltek Vision, AutoCad, GHS and more applications that normally require a full Windows computer. Being able to run all my engineering and project management applications through Horizon on a laptop that I prefer to use has revolutionized my work processes.
  2. 16: 9 aspect ratio: At first I thought there was no way Pixelbook Go could replace Pixel Slate, since I have always found that the 3: 2 aspect ratio is useful for Internet use. However, Pixelbook Go's 16: 9 aspect ratio does a better job of admitting the use of two applications side by side on the screen and this has led to greater productivity.
  3. Perfect updates: I am a big fan of the background update process on Chromebooks and I love that I never worry about updates on Pixelbook Go at all. Google takes care of this without any work on my part and that remains a great benefit of Chromebooks.
  4. Awesome keyboard: I started using Apple computers in 1989 and was a MacBook user for many years. It is terrible to hear so many people with faulty Apple keyboards while Google continues to take it out of the park with its Hush Keys keyboard. I can fly on Pixelbook Go and I love not hitting during meetings or calls.
  5. Battery all day: While the Google website shows a battery life of 12 hours, I find that I have a little less (closer to 10 hours), but I can still spend a full day away from the charger.
  6. Portable design elements: Open the screen and you are ready to start. The lower touch design of the Pixelbook Go makes it comfortable to wear and keeps it in place on a table.
  7. Wonderful media experience: The dual front speakers sound great, the 16: 9 screen looks beautiful and the Bluetooth headphones work perfectly with Pixelbook Go. Since it is a laptop form factor, you can also tilt it to your preferred viewing angle. Even better for me with my old Bose noise canceling headphones is the fact that the Pixelbook Go still has a 3.5mm headphone jack for wired audio support.
  8. Google Assistant integration: I regularly use the Google Assistant to perform tasks while using Pixelbook Go. I've never tried to use an assistant in the past to do more than just look for information, but Google Assistant now really works as an assistant to help me get the job done.
  9. Use of the laptop: The Pixel Slate is not the best for use on a laptop, but the lightweight, impressive keyboard and perfect balance of the Pixelbook Go means that I can use it on the train when there is no table and anywhere around my house or Office with ease. Efficiency does not require any kind of blow when using Pixelbook Go away from a desk.

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I rarely use the Pixelbook Pen on the board and I don't miss it at all in Pixelbook Go. I am a fan of the touchpad, but I can still touch the screen and quickly select or scroll with my fingers too.

My MobileTechRoundup podcast co-host Kevin Tofel and I apparently had a similar idea about posting follow-up articles on Pixelbook Go, so be sure to read your Pixelbook Go review with a developer discussion.

While I have been using the $ 849 Intel i5 model, the $ 649 Core m3 model should have similar performance for my specific use cases, so if it dies, that is the model I am choosing for myself.


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