Friday 13 The legal case may end for the summer


Yesterday I wrote something about the 11th anniversary of Friday the 13thLast appearance in theaters. In addition to that momentous occasion, the director of the original film, Sean Cunningham, and the writer of the original film, Victor Miller, met in court to discuss the rights of the first film and all its contents. The case could apparently be resolved sometime this summer, according to an entertainment lawyer close to the process.

Larry Zerner, a former actor who participated in Friday the 13th Part III who has followed the case since its origins many moons ago, provided his professional analysis of the oral arguments presented yesterday through a long thread of Tweets on his official Twitter. An important highlight, presented here as a combination of two Tweets in the middle, provides the best idea of ​​what Zerner believes will eventually happen.

“The court can do one of three things. 1) Affirm that Victor won and that he owns the rights of the first F13, 2) Cancel and say that Sean owns all the rights or 3) Send him back to the district court for a trial … If he had to choose, he would bet that court affirms and maintains that Victor owns the rights (but you never know). If either party loses, they can appeal to the Supreme Court, but it is very unlikely that the S.Ct. I would accept the case. "

In Zerner's other thoughts on the presentation, it seems to indicate that Cunningham's side was presenting arguments that could easily be refuted. He also admits that, if Victor wins, he doesn't really own Hockey Mask. It was Jason, just the little deformed boy Jason. Hell, he didn't even get the mask until Part III, that Zerner would know all about. Therefore, the couple would have to reach some kind of agreement outside the court around the main reason why people come F13 movies first you know?

It seems messy and technical and, worst of all, greedy. While Cunningham made some questionable decisions with the franchise in the 90s, what about Jason goes to hell produced under its competition and everything, but that game was quite radical, it is a bit strange. As I regretted yesterday, this franchise has been left in the dust by Hallowe'en. Even The massacre in Texas It's starting again! Oh Friday the 13th. How we miss you … right? We all miss him, right?


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