From rescuing an owl to releasing it

rescuing an owl

An interesting way to get a ride to the Big Apple by an owl has become a centre of interest even as the proceedings to send him to wild are underway.

Ravensbeard Wildlife Center has given an official confirmation about the owl namely Rockefeller who was hiding in the branches of the iconic 75 foot tree will be released.

The tree holds center stage even as it is a part of the Christmas celebrations going to be held this year at Rockefeller Center in New York City.

One of the smallest species which this owl is categorized of, was noticed by workers and considering the rare specie was taken to Saugerties New York which is situated at two hours drive from Rockefeller Center.

The owl was at loss of appetite due to the three days trek to Manhattan in the tee. The centre soon managed with alternatives in the form of mice and fluids to give him much needed support. Fortunately, he was healthy as per the reports shown by X-ray and he has responded well to the diet provided to him and that he is doing perfectly fine

Ravensbeard is trying to find suitable locations so that he can get use to the outside weather. Even as the authorities are also contemplating on what should be the best time to release him as well which is expected to be Monday.

On posting about Rockefeller, a massive fundraising opportunity has been done which has garnered more than $12,000 as part of measure to care for him including others. 

The non-profit organization does give due care to various birds in the wildlife with the addition of turkeys, ducks etc. The happy ending has indeed made everyone including nature lovers happy and ecstatic as well. 

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