From Set Schedule to Deepfakes: The Many Facets of AI

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence crept into daily life without most of us ever really thinking about it. From the various smart home/personal assistant devices that we keep in our homes, to superior image recognition in our apps, to various platforms which use AI to provide better service, the technology is everywhere. Like any tool, AI can be put to a variety of uses, good, evil, and neutral, depending on the hand that is wielding the tool. Let’s look at some of the ways artificial intelligence is impacting our lives.


Set Schedule Generates Real Estate Leads

This example falls in the neutral category for most of humanity, but is beneficial for the real estate industry. Set Schedule uses artificial intelligence to review real estate market data and generate leads for real estate agents. This allows them to more easily connect with home sellers, in order to have more homes to show to buyers. In this case, the AI is accessing the same sort of data a human could find, but processing it more quickly and efficiently. Set Schedule is a purely technical application of artificial intelligence.


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Smart Assistants Bring AI Into the Home

Alexa and other AI assistants can make you feel like you’re finally living in a science-fictional future. A friendly, helpful AI lives in your home. She can answer trivia questions, play music and video suited to your whims, and order more paper towels when you run out. While some people have privacy concerns about having an AI in their home, many enjoy the convenience and consider this to be a good and fun application of artificial intelligence. These assistants combine the technological aspects of AI with more human aspects, such as a friendly voice and the ability to make jokes.


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Chatbots: Helpful or Frustrating?

One of the most common applications of artificial intelligence in modern life is the AI-enabled chatbot. These bots are mostly used to provide customer service, and their usefulness varies wildly depending on the quality of their programming and the difficulty of the question. For simple problems, they can be a boon, providing customers with answers quickly, at all hours of the day. However, for more complicated issues, they can lead to customer frustration as they continue to offer the same generic, unhelpful advice no matter how the customer phrases the question. Ideally, AI chatbots should be used to handle simple queries, with a system in place to refer the customer to a human specialist for trickier issues.


Is There Any Good Application for a Deepfake?

While Set Schedule, Alexa, and chatbots can all have beneficial applications, deepfakes are a more concerning application of artificial intelligence. A deepfake uses sophisticated algorithms to duplicate the image, voice, and even body language of a real human being. Videos and voice recordings made using deepfake technology can be used to commit scams, perpetuate hoaxes, and create non-consensual pornography.


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Is there any good application for this technology? Some developers argue for the benefits of celebrities to be able to license a deepfake version of themselves, for recording things like advertisements or promotional materials without actually having to visit a studio. Others have considered the idea of being able to create a virtual clone of a deceased loved one, an idea that is soothing for some and disturbing for others.


Artificial Intelligence is Here to Stay

Over all, it seems like AI provides more benefit than harm to society. Companies like real estate tech platform Set Schedule will continue to use it to create efficiency in different industries; you’ll still find chatbots offering you help all over the web; and unfortunately, you’ll have to learn how to avoid deepfake scams. Welcome to the future!

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