Furloughed Japanese Airline Staff to work as Shinto

Japan has been one of the best in delivering the best service and showing the best hostage. Recently according to the news Japan took lots of appreciation for the best Airline staff to work as Shinto. Almost everyone gave a good response to their hostage and said that ‘we think that Japan Airlines’ first class customer service and their service have inspired all the staff at Shrines, ‘a representative for the shrine told CNN Travel’. Almost everyone showed that they would definitely like to experience the Japanese traditional culture and Japanese spirit and make the best out of what they have learned for the future. 

Due to covid19 situation , hospitality has become one of the key points for many people and many are afraid before travelling. But Japan’s service has made people believe in their hospitality and their service. They have taken extreme protection on their service through airlines so whether it is local or international flight. Things are under control and people can surely travel without getting worried about that. They have beautifully managed their duties of passing out omamori (amulets or the good luck charms) and ofuda (talismans) to the shrine visitors. 

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On the other hand, JAL has given some of the staffers normally to get engaged with the international flights that would be furloughed and also to have their work hours cut back significantly- opportunities to apply for paid positions as miko. According to the news, custom must be unmarried women. However, it has been said that positions would be optional and interested employees would apply via an in- house online portal. Then there are some employees who would also select to be miko and they are offering a brief course at the Munakata Taisha shrine in Fukuoka Prefecture. They have also learned basic shrine vocabulary and manners and they are going to follow traditional outfits with the face masks. These all have been designed very carefully and under the impressions of people by taking care of them and their safety, and this includes many other things too. 

However, we all know that people have already left visiting the shrines during this covid19 and the situation is not favourable. So this has also understaffed already and in the times of New Year the plan has all got set absolutely new. It has been designed under many circumstances and many changes have also brought according to the situation. This has been done for the people and it has so many reasons to bring such changes otherwise and actually it was needed. It was the need of the hour that people need to be extra careful and Japan on this note took all the appreciation. The way it is serving its guests and the way it has designed everything and making things easier and beautiful. That is the reason Japan received compliments like ‘It has the best Airlines’. There are even so many reasons for this and we all appreciate Japan for this.

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