Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade’s daughter Kaavia: Shady baby attitude

Recently, a cute new video of Kaavia went viral. Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union’s daughter, Kaavia was seen debating whether to jump into some mess while she was enjoying her food. Gabrielle Union who is currently 48 years old, and Dwyane Wade who is 38 years old, have recently showed off a brand new video of Kaavia. Their glowing daughter who is currently just 2 years old as on January 16th, 2021 was undoubtedly cute, and we would probably not be able to explain it for words. The clip on Instagram which was posted to Kaavia’s own page. The little tot is eating something that seems like a toasted bread. It appears to be a portion of a sandwich and while having it, she was caught giving a feisty look to the camera. The funny caption on the video was,

Once the post was published and followers seemed to love Kaavia’s facial expression. There was no shortage of comments on the funny video and everyone seemed to give their opinions on it. One follower wrote, “There is NOTHING funnier than her facial expressions!!!” On the other hand, there was yet another fellow who wrote, “She is soooo expressive!! Love this shady baby😍😍😍.”

Of course, this is not the very first time that we saw funny videos of Kaavia. The parents often share memorable moments of her on the social media handle. Whether she had been showing off an unimpressed face in a photo op, or talking to her mother on the camera. This little girl is quite like the character. Gabrielle could not help her daughter in a video wherein Kaavia was seen refusing to share her pasta. The following video was posted on the social media account on 7th January, 2021. The actress had even asked the toddler in the clip. She could share the last bit of her noodles. Kaavia responded to it by hilariously groaning or growling while they have been yanking their bowls away. 

Certainly, it had received a good amount of responses. There is no denial that Kaavia would definitely know how to leave a lasting impression in the best and the funniest manner possible. Gabrielle had captioned the video, “I needed this laugh today. Thought y’all might as well. @kaaviajames ladies and gentlemen.”

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