Gal Gadot says our superpower stays home in a new Instagram post


As many of us around the world are encouraged to stay in our homes to prevent the spread of COVID-19, WONDER WOMAN actress Gal Gadot wants us to know that she is there with us and is taking this moment to relax and stay inside.

The actress published an image of herself on her official Instagram page where she shows the peace sign and relaxes like the rest of us (I do not own the cheetah sneakers she is wearing, but I will leave those shoes to the professionals) . Gadot captioned the image with "Staying home is my superpower and our power! Please take care of yourself, take care of your loved ones and all of us. The sooner we stay home and avoid contracting this highly contagious virus, the sooner we can return to our lives." We are all one." The full image and legend can be seen below.

Gal Gadot's release comes when the release of WONDER WOMAN 1984 might be in doubt as almost all releases are postponed indefinitely from this weekend until April. AMC, Regal and many other theaters are also closing their doors for the foreseeable future, so even though the highly anticipated sequel opens on June 5, it may also fall victim to having to drop its release date. Another comic book movie, BLACK WIDOW, is still dated May 1, but I wouldn't be surprised if that postponement announcement came very soon.

I wanted to try to post a little lightness today and Gal Gadot dropped it like the rest of us during these times, as it highlights the fact that we have all had to make changes and we are all in this together. I also think it is important for celebrities, especially those with many followers, to really encourage social distancing because they definitely have the reach to connect with many people around the world.

WONDER WOMAN 1984, which also stars Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal, Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright, and Ravi Patel, is expected to hit the screens in June 5, 2020If we are lucky. Do you think WONDER WOMAN 1984 will keep its release date or is it on the move too?


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