Gambling Acceptance in US – Gallup Poll Shows Record Levels

Gambling Acceptance in US - Gallup Poll Shows Record Levels
Gambling Acceptance in US – Gallup Poll Shows Record Levels

Whether gambling is a morally acceptable activity or not, has been a topic of debate for quite some years now! Hence, statistics are being used to figure out the concept of people among the Americans regarding ‘gambling.’ According to the Polling figures, it has been seen that 71% of Americans see gambling as a “morally acceptable” activity. As per the last year, the figure was 68% but then it was 69% in the year 2018. 71% of the Americans stated that gambling is a morally acceptable activity according to them. Also, as per the statistics, it was seen that the number of people who tagged gambling as a morally wrong activity fell from 31% to that of 27%.

Gambling, is thus, rated as the 5th highest “morally acceptable” behavior across the globe. The annual Gallup pool is used to analyse the views of the Americans on numerous activities and this survey is conducted every year. As per the latest survey, gambling stood to be the ‘fifth-highest’ morally acceptable behavior. It was positioned right after birth control, divorce, consumption of liquor and premarital sex. The 2020 poll, however, had a slight improvement, and the best thing about it its 68% acceptability. The former high was 69%, as per the data tracked in the year 2018.

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The figures of 2020 has changed a bit in respect to the previous year. This year, gambling received an acceptability of 68%. The low point of acceptance among the Americans came in the year 2009 and then, only 58% of the respondents thought that gambling was “good to go!”

Different political views resemble different opinions about gambling

Gambling acceptance is seen to be almost similar across most demographics. However, people with various political views differ in their opinions regarding gambling as well. 61% of people who portrayed themselves to be politically conservative were accepting gambling as morally acceptable over the 78% others who titled themselves to be liberal. Now, the people who thought gambling as a morally wrong activity, counted to be 1% liberals, 36% conservatives and 23% moderates.

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Bipartisan support

In regard to party affiliation, 76% of Democrats and 70% of the Republicans see gambling as acceptable. Males were just a bit more likely to approve gambling (72%) as compared to the females (69%). On the contrary, there were 75% of the college graduates who thought gambling was just fine to go for!

Gambling expansion in the US

With the growing availability of gambling games across the United States, the acceptance of the game is also rising. The US supreme court overturned the federal ban on sports betting on May, 2018. Now, there are just 18 states with active sportsbooks.

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Gambling earned tax revenue is even used to find educational and other government programs at various levels. Its legalization has also led to a shift of money from the black market operatots to that of licensed providers.

Some states are appealing to settle the gambling games on industry rules. Louisiana lawmakers have approved sports betting. Online casino games have become more prevalent in the recent years, even if it hasn’t been that popular as that of sports betting.

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