Game Of Thrones last episode: Star cast reacting to end of the show.

Games of Thrones - Final Season

The epic series of all time, Game of Thrones is finally over now!

It was May 19th, 2019 when the last episode of season 8 was released crossing all the rating records in the history and also marking the end of the classic show, Game Of Thrones. But do not be sad! Makers have given a parting gift to all the GOT lovers in the form of a documentary; Game Of Thrones: The Last Watch.

Recently the final episode of game of thrones; The Last Watch was aired on HBO and it was heart melting.  This was a 2 hours documentary giving us an inside glimpse of the show which is epic. Lots of real time reactions and wow moments of the show has been covered in the documentary directed by  Jeanie Finlay. HBO has released the documentary with the title “A documentary in conjunction with Game of Thrones’.

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This was all from the eighth and last season of the historical show. Did you not watch it yet? No problem! We will give you a brief of what is there in the documentary.

It basically shows the making of the final season of the series. There were so many hilarious and emotional moments in that giving a bittersweet pleasure to the fans. The highlights of the documentary are:-

  • The wights characters wearing sweatshirts in all the creepy makeup eating chips and noodles was funny like anything.
  • The moment when Kit Harington bury his head in his hands when he first got to know that Jon kills Daenerys in the series finale.
  • Emilia Clarke’s shocking expressions on the same  big twist.
  • Clarke wearing a cap under the blonde hair to hide her dark hair.
  • Turner being emotional after shooting the scene when Sansa says goodbye to Theon before the mass funeral.
  • A Christmas tree inspired from GOT ornaments in the production department.
  • Star-cast hanging out at the dragonpit located in Spain.
  • Some jaw dropping set constructions which shows that all the scenes were not extras or dummies.
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Our favorite part was the reaction of the star cast to the end of series.  We can not get over of the time when cast and crew shared their experiences about the show.

No wonder people are crazy about GOT as the last episode clearly shows the efforts put in to make this epic series. The set constructions, interviews with star cast, the dramatic clips from set, everything was nostalgic.

The makers has told a heartbreaking story of making GOT and then saying goodbye to it in the most beautiful way!

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